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My Bookish Bullet Journal

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to do something a bit different to normal. I want to give you a tour of my bookish bullet journal. I have played around with bullet journaling for a couple of years now, but I’ve never really done it properly. I either lose interest, forget to do it or it ends up non-functional as I haven’t thought it through properly. last year I made a digital bookish journal and I liked it but lost interest in it, I think because it wasn’t creative enough. but this year I have really done it. and I love it. so, I wanted to share it with you. I find these sorts of posts really interesting and inspiring, so I hope that you do too.

Before we go any further I want to just say that I am not a very creative or arty person. this journal took me so long to set up. like all of January and some of February! it was hard work but I love the result!


So I wanted my journal to be not only bookish but to also function as a normal journal. It is literally always in my bag, so I needed it to be functional. So, the first section of my journal is a normal journal. I have a page for each month, well a double spread actually. I chose to do a calendar format as that works really well for me. I can pop events and things that I need to remember straight into the day off and see the whole month at a glance. I also added the todo section to jot down anything. I need to remember throughout the month. I am finding that this set up works great for me!


Next is my ‘To….’ double spread. This was a really important page for me to have. I am terrible remembering things that people have recommended to me. So, I created a space to make a not of things that have been recommended to me, or that I have seen or heard about so that I don’t forget the,. I have a section fr TV, Films, Music and Podcasts. And already, it has been super helpful. I have so many recommendations already, and it is only march


And from here on out it is all bookish! This journal is my hub for all things bookish. First, we have my 2020 TBR. I love how graphic this page is. What I do is pop my star rating under each book as and when I have read it. this page makes it really easy for me to keep track of how I am doing with my yearly TBR, and ow I am enjoying it.


Next, I have a couple of boxes for jotting down books that I want to remember. One is for books/series that I want to reread and the other box is for series that I need to finish. Again, having them written down really helps to keep me focused on what I actually want.


Next is one of my favorite pages, the book shelves. As you can see, this page is a work in progress. But I love it. Every time I finish a book, I write its title on one of the books on the shelves and color the spine in, in a color that either features heavily on the cover or that really fits the bok. This double spread is just so pretty and is going to be so colorful when it is finished


Then it is my 2020 A to Z challenge. I’ve taken part in this challenge on Instagram for the last couple of years and I love it. it really forces me to think about what I a, reading as I really want to complete the challenge. I decided to add it into my journal so that I had a physical copy of it instead of it just being digital.


You all know by now that each season I set myself a TBR for that season. this is that. I have the same set up for this TBR as I do for my yearly TBR. And like that one, as I read a book from it, I put the star rating under it.


Next, is my monthly double-spread. Now this one is a bit more complicated. On the first page, I have a calendar set up. On here I write how many pages I have read that particular day. I find having this so visual really helps to motivate me to read more. down in the bottom left I have my TBR for the month. I color in the books as I finish the,. Next o that I have this little tally grid. On it, I record how many books I’ve read, brought and borrowed and then also I tack what format the book I’ve read are. I am a nerd. I like having that information at a glance. Then onto the second page. At the top, I have a shelf. I do the same here as I do on the previous shelves. Under that, there are 3 boxes. The first is to keep track of new releases and when they are due out. the next box is what books I have read and what I rated them, and finally, I have a box I write down the books that I have brought that month. I love these pages. They work really well for me.

On the following pages, I write mini-reviews for each and every book that I read. I make a not of the title and author, my start and finish dates, how many pages it is, its genre, the format I read it in, my star rating and then a little review of the book. I write full reviews on here but I like having these mini-reviews. they are like a review at a glance.

After that it switches to monthly spread again, then reviews and repeat. And at the start of each new season, I do a new TBR page. Then right at the very back of the book (I’ve obviously left loads of room for the monthly spreads as I set them up as I go), I have a really quick page. All I do here it write the book title of books that I have read and what I rated it.

And that is it. that is my journal. I really love how it has turned out. it isn’t the prettiest but I love it. it works perfectly for me. It is everything that I wanted my journal to be and has made me really excited to do this year after year. Do you journal? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon

Stay safe



4 thoughts on “My Bookish Bullet Journal

  1. I love this! All the work you put into it really paid off, it looks great and seems well thought out. I hope you’re able to stick with it and love it this year. 🙂

    Also: on the “series to finish” page that you showed I DEFINITELY thought it said “This sausage song” and I was confused at the weird name and also surprised I hadn’t heard of that release because who would forget that name? xD ….I’ve worked out that it’s “savage” though haha

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