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My Top 5 Romances From Fantasy Books

Hey Guys!

On Monday I made a post talking all about my top 5 contemporary romances, in honor of valentine’s day. well, today I want to show my fantasy books a bit of love and tell you all about my top 5 fantasy romances. Let’s do this!

Feyre And Rhysand – A Court Of Thorns And Roses

Need I say more? these two are literal soul mates and their relationship is just goals. They have been through so much together throughout this series and they still have so much left to give. The way in which the pair support and encourage each other is just awe-inspiring. This series is great anyway but Feyre and Rhys’ just make it incredible. it is worth reading these books just to experience their relationship.

Magnus And Alec – Shadowhunter Chronicles

This whole world is just jam-packed full of amazing romances! From Jace and Clary to Izzy and Simon, Will and Tessa, Charlotte and Henry, Helen and Aline and just, basically, every couple in this series. But I think that if I had to pick just one, then I would have to say, Magnus and Alec. They are just so freaking adorable together. I love how far they have come and how good they are for each other. I love them. I have cried over them more than once.

Lila And Kel – A Darker Shade Of Magic

This duo just works so well together. They complement each other perfectly and bring out the best parts of one another. I absolutely adore them. they had to fight so hard to be together. They went through so much in this trilogy and nearly lost each other so many times. They aren’t some mushy, fluffy couple, that is constantly announcing their feelings for each other, instead, they demonstrate what true love really is, and I love it. and I love them.

Jude And Cardan – The Cruel Prince

(I still haven’t read Queen Of Nothing so please don’t spoil anything for me) This pair is just great to read. They walk such a fine line between love and hate and they do it so well. I love their passion and their mild hatred for each other. There is just something about them that works so damn well. I can’t wait to see how their story ends

Blue And Gansey – The Raven Cycle

We always knew that these two were going to end up together. We are basically told as much in the very first chapter. But I don’t care how obvious it is, they are literally perfect for each other. I love how they test each other and tease one another. I love how much they have taught the other one and how much they care for one another. They are so sweet together. I love that throughout the series we get to see them try to fight their feelings for each other, and slowly lose the fight. Also, I very nearly included Ronan and Adam as they are also an amazing couple, and I can’t wait to read about them in Call Down The Hawk.

And there we have it. What is your favorite romance from a fantasy book? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon


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