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Best 10 Books Of The Decade

Hey Guys!

Since we are not only in a new year but a whole new decade I thought that it would be really fun to look back over the teen years and talk about my top 10 books/book series that were released during the decade. I will only be including books where the first book in the series or whole series was released during the decade, so for example, while Mockingjay is a fantastic book that came out during the decade, The Hunger Games came out in the noughties so I won’t include it on this list. I hope that that makes sense. So, here we go!

Sidenote: these are in no particular order, all of these are equally incredible!

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor

If you’re looking for a fantasy book to really sink your teeth into this autumn, then this I the book for you. this story follows teenager Karu, a human with knowledge of other worlds and fantastical monsters. An art student in Prague, Karu finds herself thrown into the middle of a time-old war between worlds. with monsters and angels, this is a truly incredible story. it kept me on the edge of my seat and completely engrossed. I couldn’t put it down! I loved every second of it!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This is a beautiful story about magic and love. Once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down. The main story follows Celia and Marco, two magicians that have been bound to complete against each other in a game of magic. You follow them as they help to create ‘Le Cirque Des Reves’, a magical circus that will fill your dreams, compete and fall in love. With beautiful writing, intriguing storylines and stunning characters, this is a book that you can’t help but fall in love with. You will want to read it in one sitting.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

This book is incredible. In it, you follow 16-year-old Mia Corvere as she joins in the Red Church in order to become an assassin. This book is full of mystery and murder but it also funny and has really sweet moments and is, frankly, just epic. It has everything that you could ever want in a book and more. it is the perfect book to just lose yourself in! although I would recommend listing to the audiobook. It is amazing.

A Darker Shade Of Magic by V E Schwab

This multi-verse trilogy puts a whole new spin on the magical universe. It is fast-paced and dark, sexy and funny, and full of incredible characters. You follow a magician called Kell as he finds himself on a deadly adventure with an unlikely ally in the form of a young cut-throat called Lila. You cannot help but love this trilogy. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. This is one of the best magic-based stories that I have read in a long time.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J Maas

This (admittedly loose) Beauty And The Beast retelling is one of my favorite books. It is fast-paced, action-filled and so interesting. I couldn’t put it down. In this story, you watch teenager Feyre trade her freedom for the lives of her family. Forced to leave her human life behind her, she is taken to Prythian, the fairy world. While there she discovers the secrets of the world, makes friends and slowly falls in love. This is a brilliant story. It is so gripping; I couldn’t put it down. (and that is just the first book!). If you haven’t read this series yet, you need to.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This book is freaking incredible. Told through transcripts, data extracts, CCTV footage analysis and the likes you follow the story of Kady Grant and the Alexandra/Hypatia/Copernicus fleet as they flee from Kernza IV after BioTech attack. This is a high stake, action-packed space adventure full of drama and jeopardy but also love and friendship and sassy teenagers. I was completely taken by surprise with this book. I absolutely loved it. if you only read one book this spring, make it this one. it is just so damn good. well worth all the hype!

Clockwork Angel/The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

This trilogy is just perfect. These books are just jam-packed. There is always something going on. They are books that you can really sink your teeth in to. I love them. There is action and drama, love and betrayal, fighting and death. There is just so much going on in them. The trilogy is set in the 1870’s and follows Tessa, a 17-year-old American girl, as she is thrown into a world that she never knew existed. You learn all about the shadow hunter world as she does. You discover who she is, fall in love as she does, make friends alongside her and fight with her. These books really draw you in and keep you guessing throughout them. You never know what is around the corner. They are the perfect books to curl up with on a cold Sunday.

The Raven Boys/The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Welcome to the paranormal world. This is a four-part series that follows a group of friends as they try to find and wake a long dead, and lost, welsh king. The story revolves around ghosts and lay lines, magic and psychics. It is a stunning book and is well worth a read. the writing is almost lyrical, the characters are brilliant and the storylines are so interesting. Each book gets better and better. You will absolutely fall in love with this series!

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Set in the same world as The Darkest Part Of The Forest, this book follows Jude, a human living in faerie, as she fights to earn to her place in a world she doesn’t belong in. this is a brilliant book, I loved it nearly as much as The Darkest Part Of The Forest. It holds everything that I loved about that book and more. I am incredibly excited to read The Wicked King when it comes out!

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Do you want to read about an epic, high stakes heist, performed by the most ragtag group of criminals, that you just can’t help but love? well then, Six Of Crows is the book for you! I can 100% see what all the hype is about with this book, it is amazing. There is just so much going on. There is drama and violence, jeopardy and scheming and secrets. Add to that the absolutely incredible characters, and you have got one hell of a book. why, oh why, did I wait so long to read it?!?

And there we have it. those are, in my opinion, the best 10 books of the decade. I would like to make a few honorable mentions, as this list was actually pretty hard to narrow down. Cinder, The Sin Eaters Daughter, Throne Of Glass, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Martian, This Is Going To Hurt, Lockwood And Co and The Hate U Give. All of these very nearly made the list but just missed out on a spot. What was your favorite book of the decade? My top, top book would probably have to be A Darker Shade Of Magic. I freaking adore that book! I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon


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