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2019 Favourites

Hey Guys!

happy new year! Can you believe that 2019 is over?! That year somehow managed to feel 4 years long but also pass in the blink of an eye. Oh well, since the year is over it is about time that I made my 2019 Favourites post. So, here is everything that I love din 2019

Sidenote: I won’t be including books in this post, they will be getting their own post very soon!


Favourite Purchase

In March I finally brought myself something that I have wanted for about 3 years but haven’t had the space for until now, and that is a Freddie Mercury poster. I am so in love with it. if you know me at all then you will know that Queen is my all-time favourite band and I am just so happy to finally have this poster. It is just so beautiful and looks so damn good. I love it!

Favourite Place

I spent the first week of October in Nice, France and it was perfect. It was just me and my mum (girl’s week) we had a hotel right on the seafront, who upgraded us to a suite, it was warm with wall to wall sunshine, and I had forgotten how beautiful the South Of France it. it is one of my favourite places and I have well and truly fallen in love with Nice. It is a wonderful city. if you ever have a chance to visit it, you 100% should! And at the complete other end of the spectrum, my own bedroom. I had almost forgotten how at ease I feel in here. it is 100% my happy place. I am loving my solitude.

Favourite Game

I have rediscovered my love of Sims 4 this year. I have been playing it nonstop in my spare time, it is just so bloody addictive. I love it. I have been having great fun building a lot of houses and playing around with designs. Anyone who doesn’t like Sim’s is slightly broken.

Favourite Hair Product

This year I have completely fallen in love with the Mark Hill Long-Wear Curl Hairspray, I have really long hair that does not like being curled. Usually, it barely holds a curl for under an hour. But this stuff is fucking incredible. it makes my hair actually hold a curl all day. it is brilliant. I absolutely adore it! Also, On that note, in august, I brought myself a new curling tong, and I love it. It is one of the Mark Hill, Pick and Mix, curlers. That one I brought was the Mermaid Waver and I love it. it is easy to use, works on my hair and I am obsessed with it, even if I did badly bun my neck with it (whoops lol) and my ear (double whoops)


Favourite Perfume

This is, without a doubt, Marc Jacobs, Daisy Love. I got myself a bottle in about March and I am a little bit obsessed with it. it just smells so damn good. I have been wearing it almost daily. I love it.

Favourite Drink 

Coffee. It’s all the coffee. I’ve been drinking so much this year. I’m a little bit obsessed with it. I can’t get enough. Which, considering caffeine doesn’t actually affect me, it’s a strange thing to be obsessed with. I swear I spend half my life in Starbucks at the moment. I’m just so in love with coffee


Favourite Film

Endgame. Need I say more?


Favourite Hobby

So I have started making bowties for my dog and I actually really like doing it. she always has a bowtie on her collar, has done for years, but they aren’t easy to get hold off and are around £5 each. So I decided to try making them and I like it. I can do whatever fabric I want. Customize them. and it is actually pretty relaxing. I have made her Harry Potter house ones, 101 Dalmatians ones, mickey mouse ones, I have just brought some marvel fabric. Basically, anything nerdy, I’m embracing! I also taught myself how to do paper cutting this year and it is so addictive! I love it!


Favourite Event

Right at the end of March, I went to see Panic! At The Disco live at the O2 and it was fucking incredible! it was the best night ever! I loved every single second of it, I am already counting down the days until I can go see them again!

Favourite Makeup Item

In August I tried a new mascara and I really like it. It is the L’Oréal Paradise mascara. I only brought it as it was on offer and I have ended up really liking it. it is a great mascara. Builds loads of volume and length, its bold and I love it. well worth giving it a try. Also, I brought a couple of new eyeshadow pallets in July and there is one in particular that I have been loving and that is the Obsession pallet, Be The Game Changer. It is just such a great pallet. It is perfect for every day and I have been wearing it loads. I freaking love it! Also, the I Heart Revolution, Chocolate Vice, eyeshadow pallet. It is just lovely. It is such a good pallet. It is so wearable and pigmented and s just one of those perfect everyday pallet.

Favourite TV Show

In July I finally started watching Stranger Things and I have ended up enjoying it was more than I was expecting too. I watched two seasons in about three days. I haven’t started season three yet, but I am really excited to watch it. Also, there have been two TV shows that I fell in love with in June and they are actually kind of similar. The first is Good Omens which I binge-watched in just two days! I absolutely loved it. so much so, that I read the book straight after finishing the show. If you haven’t seen it already then you really should. The other show that I have started watching is Lucifer. Again, it is a really brilliant show. I have already watched a season and a half of it and I have loved every episode so far. I honestly don’t know why it has taken me so long to watch it.

Favourite Skincare Item

This month Number 7 launched a whole new range called Hydra Luminous and I am a little bit obsessed with it. It is just so good. I love it. it is deeply moisturizing, feels really nice on my skin, absorbs really quickly, I just love it. I have used the standard Gel Cream and the Water Concentrate and love them both so much that I am planning to also buy the Overnight Recovery Cream and look at the other items in the range. I would highly recommend checking it out.

And that is everything that I loved in 2019. What did you love last year? Anything that you think that I should check out? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon


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