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November Favourites

Hey Guys!

It’s day 3! And today it is time for my final non-festive themed post. And that post is my Novembers favorites post. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, November was a bit of a meh month for me. I had a really stressful month at work and so I was so exhausted that I didn’t really have the energy to do anything. So, unfortunately, that means that this isn’t going to be a long post. But, here is what I did love in November.

Favourite Nail Varnish

I rediscovered a Barry M nail varnish this month. the varnish in question is one of their Gelly Shine ones and it is in the shade Rubhbarb. This is such a beautiful red/purple shade. I have received so many compliments while wearing it. it was part of their autumn range last year (but is still available) and it is just lovely. Great colour, brilliant finish, wears really well. it is such a great autumn shade. I love it and have been wearing it loads. I have also worn another shade from this collection a lot as well, and that one is called Nutmeg.

Favourite Drink

I have jumped straight from pumpkin spice lattes to gingerbread lattes. I have had these before but never really loved them, but this year is different. I can’t get enough of them they are the perfect combination of sweet and spice and coffee. I love them so much that I have brought myself a liter bottle of gingerbread coffee syrup.

Favourite Activity

This year I have started making some Christmas decorations and I am actually really enjoying it. its messy and I have cut myself with a craft knife, burnt myself with hot glue (multiple times) and nearly superglued my fingers together, but it is fun. I’ve been really enjoying doing it.

Favourite Book

This is hands down The Demon Seekers, Book One by Joh  Shors. The author very kindly gifted me a copy at the start of the month and I freaking love i. it is an amazing book. I am so intrigued by the story. I can’t wait to continue reading this trilogy! this book deserves so much more hype then it is getting!!!!

Favourite Purchase

I am a giant five year old and I may have brought myself a Lego Harry Potter Advent Callender, and I am ridiculously excited about it! I brought it really early on in November and I have been sitting looking at it, itching to open it and I am so happy that I am finally able to! I may also have brought myself the Boots Harry Potter Beauty advent calendar because again, I am five years old

And there we have it. that is everything that I loved in the month of November. What have you been loving recently? Anything that you think that I should check out? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again tomorrow

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