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Illumicrate Unboxing

Hey Guys!

Yesterday my November Illumicrate arrived! So you know what that means! It is time for an unboxing! Whoop, whoop! In case you don’t know what Illumicrate is, it is a monthly bookish subscription box that contains a newly released hardback book (usually YA and usually an exclusive edition) and around 6 bookish times, all centered around a common theme. The November theme is In Search Of Doors and, super excited, they announced beforehand that the box would contain an exclusive edition of The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. So, let’s do this unboxing!

I am in no way affiliated with Illumicrate. I buy the boxes with my own money and I unbox them as it is something that I not only enjoy doing but also enjoying seeing myself.


I am so happy with this months box. This is the first box in ages that I really like every single item included in it. and oh my god, the book. I love the Night Circus and I have been eagerly awaiting The Starless Sea ever since it was first announced, but I was really disappointed with the UK edition because it is so bloody ugly. When I heard that Illumicrate was doing this book, I was excited and they have not disappointed. This book is beautiful. I love the naked hardback, the gold foil, the simplicity, the sprayed edges, all of it. it is stunning and I cannot wait to read it! As for the items they are all also beautiful. I love the Starless Sea bookmark, I think that it is a lovely little edition. The Potter book sleeve may well be my all-time favorite item form a subscription box, it is absolutely stunning! As is the Night Circus keyring and the Archived neckless. And I adore the little wood pin. I don’t have a wood pin yet so it is a nice addition to my collection! Plus I love that they have done another one of the book ceramic jar things. They are so damn cute. I want to make a little row of them and keep pens or makeup brushes in them. This was a great box and I love it. Do you get any subscription boxes? Have you read The Starless Sea yet? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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