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Autumn Reads

Hey Guys!

It is hard to believe that autumn Is basically at it is end. My favourite season is nearly over. But it does mean that it is time for my Autumn Reads post! In case you don’t know what this post it is it is a sort of a cross between a seasonal wrap-up and a recommendations post. Essentially, I talk about the books that I have read over the last 2 to 3 months that I have really enjoyed I hope that makes sense. Let’s do this!


Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee

This is a must-read for any marvel fan. It is a really quick and easy read but it is also a brilliant addition to the MCU. This book follows a young Loki as he tries to gain his father’s favor. We see him sent to Midgard (Earth in case you don’t know) to solve a series of murders in Victorian England. You can imagine how well that goes! This book dies a fantastic job of adding to Loki’s back story and developing his character. If you are a Marvel fan, I would highly recommend giving this book a go!


The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

This is one of my favourite poetry collections to date. It is the only poetry collection that I have ever read that made me cry! It is a stunning collection, full of heart and so many emotions, it is one of those rare collections that really made me feel. The whole collection is centered around a common theme of women saving themselves and supporting each other. Even people who don’t read poetry will love this collection


One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M McManus

This is a truly brilliant murder mystery. One of the best that I have ever read. although I did figure out who did it fairly early on, I still loved this book. it really kept me on the edge of my seat. If you are looking for a non-scary, Halloween read, I would highly recommend this one!


Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

I don’t usually include sequels on these posts, but I couldn’t not include this one. Godsgrave is hands down of the best sequels that I have ever read! if you haven’t read Nevernight yet then you need to! Godsgrave is an incredible sequel. It took the story in a new direction while really developing the story and characters. it was packed full of dram and mystery, violence and bloodshed. It is the perfect series to sink your teeth into at Halloween!


Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor

If you’re looking for a fantasy book to really sink your teeth into this autumn, then this I the book for you. this story follows teenager Karu, a human with knowledge of other worlds and fantastical monsters. An art student in Prague, Karu finds herself thrown into the middle of a time-old war between worlds. with monsters and angels, this is a truly incredible story. it kept me on the edge of my seat and completely engrossed. I couldn’t put it down! I loved every second of it!


The Demon Seekers by John Shors

This book is fantastic! The author very kindly gifted me a copy a few weeks ago, and while I haven’t quite finished it, I had to include it in this post. It is an amazing story. It follows Tasia, a teenager living in a post-apocalyptic world, that has been invaded by demon-like aliens, as she navigates her way across the planet, in search of answers. I don’t read a lot of sci-fi but this book is brilliant. I have so many questions that I just can’t stop read it. I need to know what is going on. and I am finding myself really rooting for the characters. This book deserves a lot more recognition then it is currently receiving!

And that is about it. I have unfortunately read a lot of meh books this autumn, which sucks. But thankfully, the books that I have really enjoyed have been beyond good! what have you been reading this autumn? Any books that you think I should check out? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.


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