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Halloween Creatures Book Tag

Hey Guys!

It is Halloween in just a couple of days so I thought that it was the perfect time for another Halloween themed book tag. So, today I am doing the Halloween Creatures Book Tag. So, let’s do this!

Witches: A book or character that is magical:

I have both a book and a character, both from the same book actually. And that is A Darker Shade Of Magic and Kel Maresh from that series. Pure magic. Both of them 😀

Mummies: A book or character you can’t wrap your mind around:

Everless by Sara Holland. It’s been months since I read that book and I still have no clue what was happening in it.

Vampires: A book, series, or author you can’t live without:

Harry Potter by J K Rowling. This series literally means the world to me. I couldn’t live without it in my life.

Werewolves: A book best read in the middle of the night:

I have a lot of books that I could say for this one but I am going to go with Lockwood & Co by Johnathan Stroud. This is a very dark but also funny series. Very atmospheric, perfect for reading at night.

Zombies: A book you picked up for the 2nd time/Continued after DNF’ing it:

I have 2 that I could say for this but I am going with my most recent, Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff. I started it over a year ago and could not get into it so I DNF’d it, but I picked it up again recently and loved it. glad that I gave it another chance.

Ghosts: A book you easily predicted a twist or ending:

I have a really annoying habit of really regularly predicting the outcome of books. But one that I did it to recently was One of Us Is Lying by Karen M McManus. Luckily, I still really enjoyed it.

Frankenstein: A book that truly shocked you:

The Wicked King. I mean, come on! That ending!!!

Skeletons: A book or character that chilled you to the bone:

Say Her Name by Juno Dawson. This book honestly freaked me out for weeks. I couldn’t look at mirrors for ages!

Ghouls: A book that left you hungry:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. That book is so atmospheric. It described food in such detail that it made my mouth water. It left me super hungry.

Goblins: A greedy character:

I think that I have to say Eli from Vicious by V E Schwab. He wants everything. Fame, recognition, youth, to win! He is the definition of greedy.

Devil: A dark, evil character:

The Darkling from the Grisha Verse. Who else?!

Grim Reaper: A character you loved/hated that died:

Remus Lupin from Potter. I cried so much when he died. He is one of my favourite characters from the Potterverse and I was so sad to see him go. he deserved so much better

Scarecrow: A book or character that scares you

It isn’t very often when a book or character legit scare me, but one book that did come very, very close was Slasher Girls And Monster Boys. Some of the stories in that book are creepy af.

The Monster Mash: Tag 3 or more people to do this tag:

I won’t actually be tagging anyone as I don’t like making people feel pressured into participating. But if you would like to do this tag then please consider yourself tagged!

And there we have it. what is your one go to Halloween book? do you have any spooky recommendations for me? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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