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My Harry Potter Collection

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my Harry Potter collection. Like so many other people, Harry Potter has played a huge part in my life. not only is it what got me into reading in the first place but also it helped guide me through a lot of my life. and so, since it plays such a huge roll in my life, I collect different editions of the books along with lots of Potter merch. So today I thought that I would share with you my collection of Harry Potter stuff. So, let’s do this!

I thought that I would talk you through the different editions that I won and then do a little photo gallery of all of the potter items that I have in my collection (pop vinyl, Lego, mugs ect). So, without further ado, let’s get to the post!

I currently own two complete sets of the series. Firstly, I own the series in the original children’s hardback. These are the editions that I first read (besides the first 4, which I originally had in paperback but have replaced with hardbacks so that I have a matching set). they are the classic editions, there is no way that I wouldn’t own them. the second complete series that I have is in the new paperback editions. I love these copies; I think that they are beautiful. They have stuck to the original covers quiet well but breathed new life into the covers. I love them. Then I also currently have 3 incomplete sets. So I am collecting the new house editions as they are coming out, so obviously the set is currently incomplete. I only have the first 2 books at the moment (I still haven’t gotten around to buying the third) but I own the books in all four house editions and in hardback, although I would also love to get the paperbacks at some point! I am also collecting the illustrated editions as they are coming out, also in hardback (my sister buys me it for Christmas each year). Finally, I have my original paperback copies of the first 4 books. I am currently in the process of buying the other 3 in this edition, I just haven’t found them in good condition second-hand yet.


As I do have limited space and resources, I know that I can’t collect full series in every edition, although I would like too, so instead I am slowly collecting different editions of Philosophers Stone. So far I have 4 editions. First the American children’s edition, then the mass market original adult paperback, next is the signature edition and finally a different adult edition. I pick all of these up second-hand so I just buy them as and when I see them. I love having this little collection of different editions.

That isn’t all of the books that I own though. I also have the library books (each one in a different edition, really need to rectify that), plus the library illustrated editions and a few other random potter books. there is also my edition of Cursed Child (a first run hardback) and also my copies of the Fantastic Beast screenplays. I also have a few random, non-licences Potter books (quiz style books) that I have had since I was a kid. I also randomly have a copy of Deathly Hallows in the original, adult hardback, as my mother brought it by mistake when it was first released. Eventually I would like to get the rest of the series in this edition as well.

That is all the books, so now I am just going to do a picture gallery off all the items on my shelves, as there it a lot.

And that is my collection. I am constantly adding to it and I have a huge wish list of different editions that I want to collect. Eventually I would love to have a full bookcase dedicated just to Potter. I would love to have full sets of all the different editions. But, that is something that I will have to slowly work on over the years. Do you collect anything Harry Potter? What do you think of my collection? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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