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July Favourites

Hey Guys!

Another month has been and gone. I honestly don’t know how we are already into august. Today it is time for my July favourites. So, here is everything that I loved in the month of July.

Favourite Nail Varnish

In July I rediscovered my love of black nail varnish. A few weeks ago I picked up a bottle of Number 7’s, black, gelly nail varnish on a whim and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. I haven’t worn black nail varnish in about a year and I had forgotten how much I love it. it is just so easy and simple and, well, me. Also, this particular nail varnish is brilliant.


Favourite Book

I had a brilliant reading month in July but there is one book that really stands out to me and that is The Song Of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Why did I wait so long to read this book? it is so damn good! I loved it. In July I also reread the whole Percy Jackson series in like 2 days and I bloody loved that too. it was so nice to rediscover a favourite.

Favourite Makeup Item

So, I brought a couple of new eyeshadow pallets in July and there is one in particular that I have been loving and that is the Obsession pallet, Be The Game Changer. It is just such a great pallet. It is perfect for everyday and I have been wearing it loads. I freaking love it!


Favourite Place

My own bedroom. I honestly haven’t spent much time in my bedroom lately, between work, seeing friends and having the house to myself for two weeks. But I have finally started to spend more time in there again and I am loving it. I had almost forgotten how at ease I feel in here. it is 100% my happy place. I am loving my solitude.


Favourite TV Show

In July I finally started watching Stranger Things and I have ended up enjoying it was more than I was expecting too. I watched two season in about three days. I haven’t started season three yet, but I am really excited to watch it.

And there we have it. that is everything that I loved in July. I was ill for the first week or so of the month so I basically curled up in a ball and groaned for a week. what did you love in the month of July? I hope that yo have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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