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Book Review: The Dark Prophecy Rick Riordan

Hey Guys!

Another week has been and gone and that can only mean one thing. It time for another book review! whoop! today I am finally continuing with a series that I started this time last year and hat series is The Trials Of Apollo by Rick Riordan. So, without further ado, here is my review for The Dark Prophecy. Let’s do this!


Why did I wait a year to continue reading this series? firstly, it meant that I remembered very little from the first book. it took me a lot longer than I would like to admit to actually remember who everyone was and what on earth was actually happening. But also because it is such a good story. I really wish that I had picked it up sooner.

This was a really great sequel. I will admit that it did suffer from second book syndrome little bit, but it was still a really good book. like all of Riordan’s books, I whizzed through it in just two sittings. It was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. Riordan’s books are always just so easy to read. and so engrossing! While I don’t think that this story is my favourite by Rick, it is still a really great story. it was just a little bit slow to get going and it took me a while to get into the story (even after I had remembered who was who and what was happening). I think some of it was because it literally went straight into the story with absolutely no kind of recap at all. It was a bit too much like being thrown into the deep end. Thankfully by about the 150-page mark the story was actually starting to make sense and get going and I started to really enjoy it.

This book was less adventure based then Riordan’s books usually are. it was all set in one place and there honestly didn’t feel like there was much story. it felt much more character driven then story driven, which is unusual for Riordan. It kind of felt like the mysteries and trials were just being laid out in front of the characters, already half solved. At times it actually felt like the story was over before it had really started. There just wasn’t any of the searching or information, solving the riddle, following the trial stuff that we are used to in these books. It was all spelt out. I think that this may be part of the reason why it took me so long to get into it. it just wasn’t making me think and question everything (and I don’t think that this is due to being older then the intended audience as I did start Riordan’s books until I was 18/19 and I have never had this issue before). It was just a little bit disappointing.

Thankfully the characters really helped to make up for the lack of story. it is just so interesting to read a book from the perspective of a god. Especially when that god is Apollo. He has always fascinated me and I love Riordan’s take on him. I especially liked the version of him in this book. he is growing so much as a character throughout this series. already we have seen him develop so much. he is already learning to appreciate and value life. he is starting to take responsibility for himself and his actions. I am loving watching him grow and evolve. I am so intrigued to see where his character goes throughout the rest of the series. I also really enjoyed seeing the rest of the characters again. Mostly those from other books. I love d that we got more Leo and that we finally got to know Calypso a little bit better. And I am so excited about the fact that we are going to get to see more Grover in the next book. I’ve missed him.

All in all, while this wasn’t my favourite book by Riordan, I did still really enjoy it. The characters definitely saved it for me. I am excited to keep reading

star 3.53.5 out of 5

And there we have it. have you read The Trails Of Apollo? What did you think about The Dark Prophecy Rick Riordan? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


One thought on “Book Review: The Dark Prophecy Rick Riordan

  1. I know how you feel about this book and I had similar feelings when I picked up the series last year. I’ve not continued on in the series because book 4 isn’t due out till the end of the year and I don’t like not having a Rick Riordan on my TBR (bit silly I know)

    I still love Rick Riordans stories and will pretty much put anything he puts out even when it’s not his best book I’ve ever read

    I’m hoping to pick up and breeze through book 3 next month as part of the NEWTS readathon

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