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Illumicrate Unboxing

Hey Guys!

It is time for another Illumicrate unboxing! I am so excited for this month’s box! In case you don’t know what Illumicrate is, it is a monthly subscription box that contains a newly released book (usually YA) and around 6 bookish items, all centred around a common theme. The My theme was The Final Frontier. So, let’s do this!


This was, quiet possibly my favourite ever Illumicrate box. I absolutely loved it!  they had announced the book beforehand, and it is one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2019. I am so fucking excited for it and I am so happy to have a signed copy of it! I can’t see myself waiting long to pick it up. I also loved all of the items, even the one for a book that I have yet to read. everything is so beautiful and I practical and I love it all. I particularly loved the Illuminae pillow case. I just think it is stunning and I love that it is double sided!

The last two Illumicrate boxes have been brilliant. they have b=made me far more excited for these boxes again. Do you get any subscription boxes? Ever tried Illumicrate? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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