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April Favourites

Hey Guys!

April is finally over! For some reason this month has felt never ending. It just seemed to go on for forever. But, as long last, it has ended and that means that it is time for another monthly favourites post. So, here is everything that I loved in April


Favourite Film

Endgame. Need I say more?

Favourite Item

This month my bestie drew me Loki as she knows that he is my favourite and that I am a teeny (very)bit in love with him. he is currently up on my wall and I love him so much. I have the greatest friends!


Favourite Perfume

This is, without a doubt, Marc Jacobs, Daisy Love. I got myself a bottle a few weeks ago and I am a little bit obsessed with it. it just smells so damn good. I have been wearing it almost daily. I love it.

Favourite Purchase

I may have brought myself a Loki phone case. Just maybe. And I love it. I love how simple and minimalistic it is.


Favourite Book

I honestly haven’t read much this month. but of the few books that I have read this month, my favourite has got to be Daisy Jones And The Six. This book was really good and is well worth a read

And that’s it. that is everything that I loved in April. What did you enjoy in April? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon


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