Bookshelf tour 2019

Hey guys!

Today I am finally making a post that I have been wanting to make ever since I started my blog, but haven’t been happy enough to do, until now. Yes, today, I am finally doing a bookshelf tour! So, let’s do this!

I recently redid my room and went from having one bookcase (that wasn’t even full size, my ad had to custom make it for me to fit the small space available) to having three full size cases, and I couldn’t be happier! I am finally feeling happy enough with how they look to share them with you. So, here they are! I’m doing this mostly as a photo tour with just a few bits of text as I thought that it would be best that way. So, here we go!

I am going to start with the case nearest my door and work from the top down and then make my way along all three shelves and also include a few additional bookshelves that i have at the end.

I keep all my anthologies and Manga on the very top shelf of my case. About half of these are read, half are not.


I have 2 shelves dedicated to Cassandra Clare as I have multiple editions of her books. The top shelf contains my spin art editions as well as my shadowhunter anthologies and graphic novels (as well as a Red Scrolls sampler) and the lower shelf contains everything else. The original editions, including my copy of Clockwork Angel which has runes painted along the spine and my collectors edition of city of bones. As you can see I also own a fair amount of Shadowhunter merch and bookish goodies
This is a bit of a mix match shelf. It houses my Holly Black books and my Marissa Meyer books as well as contemporary books where I own multiple books by the same author and a few random fairy-tale revellings
My Rick Riordan shelf
Again this shelf is mostly contemporary’s where I own multiple by the same author (I like to keep all of an authors work together), some are read some are not
My TBR shelf. These are my TBR books that I am not in any hurry to read. I have the books that I want to read within the next year separated (as you will see later) but these are the books that I want t get to eventually, but, for the most part, I am not in any hurry to get too. and yes, it is stacked 2 deep


and now onto the second case

Yes, I do still own Twilight, and it lives on the top of my case (please note, the items in the corner are my signed hardback editions of Twilight) (also, that nutella is very, very, very out of date lol)
I keep most of my adult contemporary books on this shelf (or women’s fiction as it is known in the UK), this is also were I keep my small but growing poetry collection here as well as a few more contemporary’s (In my old system I used to just keep all my contemporary’s together, but this way looks much more aesthetically pleasing)
My V E Schwab shelf :D. Eventually this shelf will be purely Schwab, but for now i have Sally Green tucked in at the end
All of my Sarah J Mass books and Leigh Bardugo books live on the next shelf. I think this is one of my favourite shelves to look at 😀
The next shelf contains all of my Maggie Stiefvater books, Jay Kristoff, Melinda Sailsbury and Jenny Han
This is a bit of a weird shelf. Half of it contains my middle grade and younger books and then the other side holds my read standalone books (except Me Before You, that’s in the wrong place but I am too lazy to move it lol)
And then this bottom shelf contains all of my Christmas themed books on one side and the other houses my first in series books that i have read but that i only own that one book in the series/by that author

and now my third and final bookcase


Yes, I do in fact have four shelves dedicated just to Potter. I have a lot of Potter merch and I also collect different editions of the series (its my all time favourite series, it got me into reading, i love it also i am a giant nerd). These are some of my favourite shelves and I love that I now have room to continue growing my collection
This shelf is mainly series with a few standalone’s on the end, where I own multiple by the same author
Again, pretty much the same as the previous shelf
And the final shelf (and yes, i have broken the base board. I had an accident while building the case). This is mostly series plus a stack of read standalone contemporary’s where I only own that one book by the author. This shelf is pretty much all read (with the exception of 3 books)

And that is it for my book cases. But I do also have three shelves above my bed. The bottom one doenst contain books so I wont show you that but the other two do, so here they are

I keep all my classics on this shelf along with my cookbooks that I don’t use regularly (the ones i use day to day are downstairs in the kitchen)
And on the other one I keep all of my children’s classics

And last but not least, I caved to Bookstagram pressure and brought a TBR cart and I freaking love it. I only keep books on the bottom 2 shelves (the top I use as a dressing table) so here that is.


Here is where I keep all on my TBR books that I want to read sooner rather then later. As I read one, I replace it in the cart with a book from my other TBR pile. As you have probably noticed throughout this, I only keep TBR first books in series or by an author separate, the rest stat together as I don’t like separating series or an author

And there we have it! Those are my bookshelves. I am so in love with them. They look great and I now have so much more space. How do you organise your books? as you can see, I mix and match different systems, but it works for me. I just like it too look nice. Also, if you would like a updated complete TBR list let me know. Also, if you would like me to talk about some of the other items on my shelves or tell you about my bookish merch and where it is from, I am more then happy to do that. I hope that you have enjoyed today post and I will see you all again very soon.


9 thoughts on “Bookshelf tour 2019

    1. Thank you ❤. There is just something so satisfying about a full book case, I also have an ereader (you can see it lurking in one of the photos 😂) but I always end up buying a physical copy of whatever I’ve read on it 😂

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