Auto Buy Authors

Hey Guys!

Like every other reader, I have some authors who I love more than others. Some of which have  come to be auto buy authors for me. So today I thought but I will tell you all about my auto buy authors. So, let’s do this!

V E Schwab 

I own all but one of Schwab’s books at this point and I have read all but 2 of those. I have loved everything that I have read by her so far. I will buy anything that woman writes. She is the author of one of my all time favourite book series (A Darker Shade Of Magic) and I love her

Cassandra Clare 

I cannot help but love this woman stories. The Shadowhunter Chronicles are some of my all time favourite books. With the exception of the Magisterium series, I own all but one of her books and have read all but two of them. I love her and will always buy her books

Rick Riordan 

Rick is just a bloody incredible offer. I think I own all of his books at this point, although I haven’t read them all yet. I actually own a whole series of his that I haven’t even started yet because I just know that I will love it. I don’t even hesitate to buy his books

Emery Lord 

I fell in love with her writing after reading When We Collided back in 2016 and I have bought and read and loved every book the she’s written. I cannot wait for her to release more books

Becky Albertalli 

I only discovered her in 2017 but I’ve completely fallen in love with her writing and all of her books. that woman can do no wrong

Melinda Salisbury 

I discovered her shortly after she released her first book and I completely fell in love with her stories. I have everything she has released, including a book she co-wrote with about 7 other British authors (Floored. Definitely worth checking out). I just freaking love her I think she deserves far more recognition then she gets

And there we have it. Those are a few authors but always by. Do you have any auto buy authors? I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and I’ll see you all again very soon



One thought on “Auto Buy Authors

  1. Melissa Salisbury is coming up in a lot of lists, which makes me think that I need to start reading her books, asap! Good list 😀


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