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Hey guys!

Today I want to a slightly different post than usual. I have seen this posted all over bookish media for the longest time but I’ve always been too afraid to do it. Well, I finally decided that it is time. So, today I am doing the unpopular opinions book tag (original created by The Book Archer). obviously I’m not trying to offend anyone with this post. We all like different books. You may hate my favourite book; I may hate yours. And that’s fine, because we are all human, and entitled to our own opinions. So, without further ado, here is the tag.

A popular book or series that you didn’t like?

For this I’m going to have to say, Young Elites by Marie Lu. I read this whole trilogy in 2017 and I cannot stand it. I had a really complex journey with it. I really enjoyed first book but I dislike the second book so much for ended up hating the whole trilogy. The characters are just so f****** awful and the storyline is predictable and I just can’t. This trilogy is not for me

A popular book or series that you really like but everyone else seems to hate?

The only thing I can think of this one is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I love this series; it will always hold place in my heart. But I completely understand why it gets so much hate. it isn’t very good series. From problematic relationships to poor plot Lines, it’s not the best. But it is the series that introduce me to YA and got me back into reading, so I love it and I probably always will. I don’t think it deserves as much hate as It gets.

An OTP that you hate?

I actually really struggled to think of an answer for this one. The only ship I could come up with was Donatella and Dante for the Caravel Trilogy by Stephanie Garber. I don’t hate this pairing, but I don’t like it either. I found it to feel a bit forced and shallow, I’m just not sure if it works. But there is still one more book to come out so I might change my opinion, but seems unlikely at this point

A popular genre that you hardly reach for?

For me this is both Sci-Fi and historical fiction. they just generally don’t often appeal to me. I do read more sci-fi than I used to, but still not much. I just don’t find myself reaching for them all that often.

A popular character of you don’t like?

Alina from Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo hands down. I cannot stand that girl. She’s moans and complains the whole time. And she just seems to make stupid decisions that affect not only her but others and she just treats people poorly. I just don’t like her. I nearly gave up on the whole Grisha trilogy because of huh!

A popular author that you can’t get in to?

I think I have to go to Marie Lu for this one. I have forced myself through four of her books and disliked all of them. I just don’t get on with her stories or her writing. It just doesn’t click with me. I find her books slow and predictable, i characters flat and her writing unengaging

A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing?

love triangles. Just no. They’re everywhere. They are unescapable. I’m just so f****** tired of them. 99% of the time they completely unnecessary and don’t add to the story. I don’t want them anymore. I also hate insta love.

A popular book or series that you have no interest in Reading?

I’m going to go with Game of Thrones for this one. I did actually consider reading this series a few years ago but the books are just too huge and there are too many. And they just don’t interest me enough to make me want to commit to this seemingly never-ending series.

What TV or movie adaptation do you think is better than the books?

I actually have a whole post on this but I will say the Vampire Diaries. I only ever read the first two books but I found them a little bit s***. The TV show just does it so much better. The characters are more complex, the storylines are better. It is all just far better than the book

And there we have it. those are my unpopular opinions. I’m not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to give this tag a go, consider yourself tagged. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon.

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