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Book Review: The Graces by Laure Eve

Hey Guys!

It’s time for the first book review of February! How are we already a whole month into 2019 already? It doesn’t seem at all possible. Oh well, let’s get to the review. this week it is the turn of The Graces by Laure Eve. So, here we go!


This book was not quiet what I was expecting it to be. I was expecting a dark maybe twisted story about magic and witches, possibly black magic, occult like. and it wasn’t really that. For the most part, this book read like a contemporary.

I will be completely honest and say that I was a bit disappointed. I really had hoped for a brilliant magic book but it’s not what I got. This book truly did just feel like a contemporary book with a little bit of possible magic thrown into it. It wasn’t a bad book; it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I also don’t feel like it lived up to its description because of this. its only really right at the very, very end that we get to see any magic at all, and even then you don’t really know for sure if it is real or not. I feel like a lot is left up to reader interpretation with the magic element, which doesn’t really work. I felt like I never really knew where I stood with the magic. in fact, I actually found the magic system to be quiet confusing as i didn’t feel like it was explored and explained enough. actually, it wasn’t really explored and explained at all….

If I ignore the magic and just talk about this book like it is a contemporary, then it is pretty decent. It is really good story of friendship and fitting in, of being different and struggling with expectations. It is good. it really explored the before mentioned topics and I feel like it gives a pretty realistic view of how rumours can spread through a population and warp people’s opinions. It is also brilliant at showing how those rumours can affect those involved.

But I think the main thing that hindered my enjoyment of this book was actually the characters. which is a big problem in such a character driven book. I just didn’t connect to any of them. I didn’t hate or even dislike any of the four main characters, but I didn’t love any of them either. I just found them to be a bit unreachable and just hard to connect with. it didn’t help that the narrator is not reliable and pretty biased in how she is telling the story. I just found that I didn’t really care what happened to the characters at the end.

All in all, this book was a mixed bag. it wasn’t what I thought that it would be but it wasn’t bad for what it was. I will probably give the sequel a go at some point as I feel like the story is finally starting to go in the direction that I thought it was going to be all along.

star 33 out of 5

And there we have it. have you read The Graces? What did you think of it? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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