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New Year Book Tag

Hey Guys!

Today I thought that I would do the New Year Book Tag! I have seen this tag floating around a lot in the last few weeks so I thought that I’d give it a go. I know I am a few weeks late to it, but at least it’s still January lol. I believe this tag is originally by Bookables on YouTube, but I have seen loads of people do it. so, without further ado, let’s do this!


How many books are you planning to read in 2019?

I have set my goodreads goal to 75 books this year, but I am hoping to manage around 100. I have achieved over 100 for the last couple of years so fingers crossed I am able to do it again, although I would be more than happy with just 75

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Name 5 books that you didn’t get to read last year but want to make a priority in 2018?

There are so many, but the first 5 that spring to mind are…

Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Children Of Blood And Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff


Name a genre that you want to read more of?

This has got to be sci-fi. I don’t really read any sci-fi but last year I read a couple of sci-fi books and loved them, so this year I would really love to try and read more!

Three non-book related goals for 2019?

Yea, I don’t have any….


What’s a book you’ve had forever that you still need to read?

I have a few books that I have owned for forever and not read but for this one I think I am going to go this The Hobbit by J R Tolkien. That book has been sitting on my shelf for literally years!

One word that you’re hoping 2019 will be?

Happy. Just, happy.

Tag a friend….

Anyone and everyone who wants to have a go

And there we have it. that was the New Year Book Tag. what 5 books are you hoping to get to this year that you didn’t manage to get to last year? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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