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Book Review: Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes Of Grindelwald Screenplay by JK Rowling

Hey Guys!

It is finally Sunday! Whoop, whoop! You know what that means, its book review time. Today it is for a type of book that I don’t often read, a screenplay. Yup, today it is all about Fantastic Beasts, The Crimes Of Grindelwald Screenplay by JK Rowling. Let’s do this!


I really love reading these screenplays! I read the screenplay for the first book a couple of months after watching the film, and I have done the same again this time around and I just love it!

Since the Fantastic Beasts movies aren’t being released as novels, Rowling is writing them just as films, each film is a complete surprise and new. Nothing is known about the story going into it. And that is nice. It reminds me of watching the Potter films as a kid (I didn’t read the books until after the film for Order Of The Phoenix was out, so I always went into the movies blind). But it does have some limitations. It means that you don’t always pick up on some things and other things you are left questioning. And that is why I love reading the screenplay. I find that it gives me a much better understanding of the story and gives me the opportunity to spot the little details that I missed while watching the film.

I think that this time around I actually enjoyed the book more than the film. Don’t get me wrong, I did love the film, but an awful lot happened in it. too much, possibly, for one film. It really expanded the wizarding world but it also raised a hell of a lot of questions. And I found that while reading the screen play I got understand the story that bit better and truly grasp some of the storylines that i couldn’t quiet appreciate during the film. I have definitely found that by reading this one it has made me like the film more.

All in all, I am very glad that I decided to pick up the screenplay and I will 100% be doing the same for each film, as and when they come out.

star 44 out of 5

And there we have. the first two book reviews of the year are done, and they are both books with formats that I don’t usually read! Oh well. Have you read the Fantastic Beasts screenplays? What do you think of this franchise? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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