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Book Review: Snow In Love by Melissa De a Cruz, Nic Stone, Aimee Friedman and Kasie West

Hey Guys!

It’s day 22! Only a couple more days to go! And I am finally starting to feel festive! Although I am wondering how this month has gone so quickly! Oh well, since it is Saturday it is time for another festive book review. This time it is all about Snow In Love by Melissa De a Cruz, Nic Stone, Aimee Friedman and Kasie West. I will be doing this in my standard anthology style, a small overall review for the whole book with a mini review for each individual story. so, lets do this!


This is one of those collections that has left me with very mixed feelings. I absolutely adored one of the stories, didn’t mind another one but really didn’t like the rest of them. Kasie West’s story was brilliant and I loved it, but the others were all a bit meh. I can 100% see why this book has such mixed reviews. my main complaint about it is that none of the stories where particularly original, they were all very predictable and had unlikable characters. I also found that for the most part, they didn’t feel festive, which sucked, since that was the whole point of the book. But, it wasn’t awful, it just wasn’t brilliant.

star 33 out of 5

Snow And Mistletoe by Kasie West

Okay, this story was pretty damn cute. I smiled a lot while reading it. It follows a group of teenagers who barely know each other as they take an unexpected, cross country road trip to try and make it home in time for Christmas. A bit cheesy but very cute. I will admit that it was a very predictable story, with several unrealistic coincidences and situations, but it was also a very fun read. I have only ever read one book by Kasie West before but reading this has made me remember how much I enjoyed it and is making me want to read more! this was just such a sweet, fluffy read full of so much warmth. I really enjoyed reading it.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

Working In A Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman

I have mixed feelings about this story. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. It followed Maxine Silver, a Jewish college student, home in New York for Christmas, as she unexpectedly gets a job as an elf in a mall, while trying to connect with the guy she likes. This is a very predictable story and I knew from the off how it was going to end up going. It was completely unoriginal and I didn’t love all of it, but it did make me smile a few times. Conflicting, conflicting.

star 33 out of 5

The Magi’s Gifts by Melissa De La Cruz

I didn’t like this story. at all. I found it to be very materialistic and snobbish and just not good. I read one of Melissa De La Cruz’s books earlier in December and had similar issues with that one. I feel like her writing is just full of unlikable characters and unrealistic situations. there were too many clichés in this story, not enough festivity, too many shitty characters and a romance that didn’t feel genuine. Safe to say I was not a fan.

star 11 out of 5

Grounded by Nic Stone

And I have mixed feelings about this one too. i felt like Stone was trying to shove a bit too much into this story and it meant that it ended up feeling a bit disjointed and unrealistic. There was far too much insta-love for my liking. And too much instant resolutions of problems and concerns. But at the same time I quiet liked the couple together and it was great to see a same sex relationship within I short story (it hardly ever happens). I liked the pairing and their relationship (even though it was very insta-love-y and rushed) but I didn’t like the actual story, if that makes sense.

star 22 out of 5

And there we have it. I can definitely see why this book has such mixed reviews. have you read this one ye? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again tomorrow


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