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Christmas Reads

Hey Guys!

Its day 21! Whoop, whoop! Only a few more days! I honestly can’t believe how quickly this month has gone. It seems to have flown by! Oh well, since we are so far into Blogmas now, I thought that it is about time that I did my Christmas reads post. If you have no idea what I am talking about with that, basically, each season I make a series of posts, each one regarding a certain topic within that season, for instance, summer reads, winter photography ect ect. well, at Christmas I also do a Christmas version of these posts. All the books in this post are ones that I have been reading so far this festive period and really enjoyed. All of the books are set at or around Christmas time. Basically they are all perfect books for this time of year, so, here are my Christmas reads.


Pride And Prejudice And Mistletoe by Melissa De La Cruz

Although I had some issues with this book, I cannot deny that it is a really easy, fluffy story. there where so many parts of this story that left me smiling. This modern, gender bent, reimagining of Pride And Prejudice follows 20 something Darcy Fitzwilliam as she returns home to Pemberley Ohio, after eight years. Cue family drama, an engagement, a wedding and two rivals reconnecting in an unexpected way. this is such a fluffy romance that will leave you feeling warm inside. it reads like a hallmark movie and is actually being made into one.


The Snowman by Michael Morpurgo

I love The Snowman. It is my all-time favourite festive film and so I was always going to love this new, reimagining of the story. although this is less of a reimagining and more of a retelling, it is still brilliant. it is the classic story of Raymond Briggs, The Snowman that we all know and love, retold for future generations to fall in love with. I adored every second of this book and I am so glad that it exists. I read this in one sitting. It is just the perfect book to lose yourself in for an hour….it will make you want to re-watch The Snowman though.


The Afterlife Of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

Welcome to A Christmas Carol as you have never heard it before. This retelling follows 17-year-old Holly Chase as she becomes the Ghost of Christmas Past, trying to prevent others from making her mistakes. I absolutely adored this book. it was one of the best retellings that I have ever read. I can definitely see why so many people have read and loved this book! There really aren’t that many Christmas books that aren’t just a contemporary romance. This book is different and wonderful. If you are only going to read one Christmas book this year, I highly recommend this one!


The Twelve Doctors Of Christmas by Various

This collection of Doctor Who themed, Christmas, short stories is perfect for any doctor who fan. It is nerdy and festive and just, good fun. Each of the twelve stories centres around a different version of The Doctor and features some of his most popular companions. From Ian Chesterton to Jackie Tyler, this book has it all. If you want a fun little collection to curl up with by the Christmas tree, this is the one for you.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr Seuss

“you’re a mean one, Mr Grinch…” I have no idea how I made it to 22 without ever having read The Grinch (or seen the movie (Jim Carrey’s Grinch terrified me when I was a child lol)), but I am very glad that I have finally read it now. this book is everything I was expecting it to be. It is just a sweet story about Christmas and learning the true meaning of the season. If you only have 10 minutes to read a festive book this Christmas, I would highly recommend this one!


Snow In Love by Melissa De a Cruz, Nic Stone, Aimee Friedman and Kasie West

This is a really sweet collection of four festive romances. Each story follows a different couple as they fall for each other while surrounded by the magic of Christmas. From an unexpected road trip to a mall elf, this collection has it all. It is the perfect book to curl up with on a cold Christmas night and lose yourself in.


The Nutcracker by E T A Hoffmann

Although I didn’t love this book i cannot deny that it is a classic. This story, that inspired the famous ballet, follows a young girl as she is thrown into an unexpected and unimaginable world. Where Nutcrackers are men in disguise and mice are at war. It is a book that will stand the test of time for ever more. It is festive and imaginative and just magical.

And there we have it. those where my Christmas reads! What books have you been loving this festive season? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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