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Christmas Candles

Hey Guys!

Its day 12! And I think that it is about time that I did my annual Christmas candles post. Whoop, whoop! in case you don’t know what this post is, basically each season I used make a series of four posts, each one regarding a certain topic within that season, for instance, summer reads, winter nails ect ect. these days I only do my nails and candles at Christmas time and other special occasions. So, today it is time for my Christmas candles post. So, let’s do this.


I love scented candles. I have done for years. And as you all know, I love Christmas. Combine the two and you have my happy place. I love burning candles at Christmas time. They just add so much to the atmosphere and instantly put me into a festive mood. Unfortunately, this year I have really had much time to burn any. Between working a lot more then I used to (new job) and more social commitments (I almost have a life these days!) I’m just not home enough to light a candle. Which really sucks. But in the time I have been home, I have been burning one scented candle. My all-time favourite Christmas candle.

That candle is the Yankee Candle scent, Christmas Memories. I love this scent. Like really love it. it is just Christmas in a scent. This candle just smells like Christmas. It is warm and spicy and rich. I can’t even describe the smell of it, other than Christmas. To me it smells like a proper old fashioned Christmas. When you think of what Christmas smells like, you are probably imagining this candle. I just love it so freaking much. it is incredible.

But that is it unfortunately. That is the only candle that I have been burning this year, which does kind of suck, but at least I have had the opportunity to burn this one a few times. Do you have a go to Christmas candle? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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