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Bookish Gift Guide

Hey Guys!

It’s day 7!!! How are we a week into Blogmas already?!?!? I swear Blogmas always flies by! Today I thought it was the perfect opportunity to do a bookish gift guide for all the bookworms in your life. so, here are a few brilliant bookish gift ideas.


Bookish Candles

You cannot go wrong with a bookish candle. I love them. I have a few of them now. I have a couple of just generic bookish ones and also some that are fandom specific. These would be the perfect gift for any bookworm. You could go for generically bookish or do one that is based on your bookworm’s favourite book. a few shops that I love are…

Paper Flames Candle Co

Bookish Burns

Quacker Candles

ST (1)

Book Sleeve

These are something that I have only just fallen in love with but they are something that all readers need! This you carry a book with you, you need a book sleeve. these things are just so genius. They are perfect for keeping your books looking pristine and pretty. Personally I love BookBestiesUK and buy all of mine from there.

Book Besties UK

Bookish Art

If the bookworm in your life has a favourite book/series, they would love some bookish art for that series. whether it be a print or on a cushion or mug or anything. If its bookish, they will love it. I buy my bookish art from Redbubble (I love their postcards as they are basically a mini art print and they look great in photos). A few of my favourite artists are…



Phantom Rin


Black Bird Ink


Zulfa Begum





James Bacon






ST (2)

Bookish Mug

Again, you can’t go wrong with a good bookish mug. Redbubble is, again, a really good place to get theses, as is Society 6 (although if you live anywhere other than the US you might get hit with a customs fee if ordering from Society 6). But there are also a few small businesses that I love buying bookish mugs from. Whether they be fandom specific or generically bookish…

Miss Bohemia

ST (6)


Every reader needs bookmarks. They are one of those things that you just cannot have to many off. they are the sort of item that gets lost easily and damaged. I personally love getting fandom/book specific bookmarks. A few of my favourite shops are…

Happy Hello

Fiction Tea Designs


Wish Upon A Star

Read The Stars Co

Dreamy And Co

Otter Nonsense Designs

ST (5)

Bookish Pins

Pins are a brilliant little gift for a bookworm. They are an incredible way to show your love of reading or of a specific book without being too full on. I don’t buy many pins but a few of places I have brought from are…

Fable And Black

Literary Emporium

Dreamy And Co

Hannah Hitchman

ST (3)

Bookish Jewellery

Similar to pins, jewellery is a great way to show your love of books without being too in your face. I have a few bookish necklaces and I love wearing them. they are just such a great way to keep reading with you all the time and to incorporate books into your wardrobe. A few great places to buy bookish jewellery are…

Miss Bohemia

From New Leaf

Just One More Chapter

Hannah Hitchman

ST (4)

Other Bookish Items

Then there are a few random bookish shops that you should definitely check out. these shop all do really unique bookish items that I just adore. Any bookworm would love to receive any of these items!

Book Of Shadows Studio – Cut-outs

Keepersothesuns – Bit of everything

Bookish Stuff – Bit of everything

Lightspeed Crafts – Plaques

Literary Tea Company – Bookish Tea

And there we have it. I hope that this has given you some ideas on what to get the bookworms in your life, or just shown you some amazing shops. Do you have a go to bookish shop? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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