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Autumn Reads

Hey Guys!

As you are all probably very aware by now, I freaking love autumn. And I love reading. And I love reading in autumn. So today I thought that it was about time that I made my autumn reads post. In case you don’t know what my ‘reads’ posts are, basically, each season I make a ‘reads’ post. This is a post talking all about my favourite books that I have read over the last couple of months. So, today it is time for my autumns reads!

I don’t know about you, but I tend to find myself reaching for certain types of books at different times of the year. For instance, contemporary in summer. I just tend to find myself fancying certain genres at certain times of the year. And in autumn I like fantasy. Big, chunky books that I can really sink my teeth into. A book to curl up with. so, here are my autumn reads…

City Of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

This middle grade book follows a young girl named Cassidy who can see through the veil, and see ghosts. Based in Edinburgh, this story is brilliant. I read it in just a couple of sittings, it had me hooked. it was funny and mysterious and kept me right on the edge of my seat. this is a really intriguing story and I am so happy that it is going to be a series. I can’t wait to see where Cass’s story goes next.


The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke

This isn’t the best book in the world, but it is the perfect book for this time of the year. This story follows a group of young women whose job it is it kill, as they leave their world behind in pursuit of adventure and glory. In search of a new life. this is a story full of girl power and adventure. It isn’t the best written book that I have ever read but it is a good book to curl up with on a rainy autumn day.


The Darkest Part Of The Forest by Holly Black

This book is just incredible. It follows a brother a sister as they are thrown head first into the world of faerie. With Honed boys, a secret life, a musical prodigy and a changeling, with book has it all. This is a brilliant story full of folk lore and mystery and magic. I absolutely adored this book. it is just brilliant and works so well as a standalone.


Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

It’s such a classic. How can you have Halloween/autumn and not have Frankenstein? We all know the story. this book follows scientist Victor Frankenstein as he creates a murderous creature who sets out to destroy Victors life. this book is so dark and creepy and much more psychological than I was expecting it to be. It is the perfect book for Halloween or to just curl up with on a cold autumn day.


This Savage Song by V E Schwab

This is a really unusual book, but also a really good one. it is just so interesting. This story follows two teenagers, Kate and August, one human, one monster, as their lives become intertwined and things start to spiral. This book is full of drama and intrigued. There is bloodshed and murder, friendship and love, freedom and confinement. This book has it all. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the sequel!


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

Set in the same world as The Darkest Part Of The Forest, this book follows Jude, a human living in faerie, as she fights to earn to her place in a world she doesn’t belong in. this is a brilliant book, I loved it nearly as much as The Darkest Part Of The Forest. It holds everything that I loved about that book and more. I am incredibly excited to read The Wicked King when it comes out!


Coraline by Neil Gaiman

This has got to be one of the most messed up and unnerving books that I have ever read. it is just deeply disturbing. The story follows a young girl named Coraline as she is essentially kidnapped and transported to a parallel world full of monsters and clay people and all kinds of creepiness. I listened to the audiobook for this one and was generally unnerved the whole time I was listening to it. this is such a creepy book. if you want a really quick, spooky read for Halloween, this is the book for you!

And there we have it. my reading has drastically slowed down over the last few months. I think between starting a new job and just life in general, I just haven’t had as much time or motivation to read. also, a lot of what I have been reading have been sequels, which I don’t include in these posts, or books that I really haven’t loved. Which sucks. But, oh well. what books have you been loving this autumn? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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