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My Favourite Contemporary Series Of All Time

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite contemporary series of all time. Most contemporary books, especially in YA, tend to be standalones. But there are a few contemporary series around that are truly incredible. so, today it is all about them. This list will be a mix of YA, teen and general adult, and I will only include series that I have either finished or am up to date with. so let’s do this!

Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

When you read this series, you will fall in love with Robin Wilde. This brilliant debut follows 20 something, single mum Robin over a year of her life. You see her deal with everything from mummy issues to dating, work drama and friendships and the series even touches on elements of depression, loss and much more. This series is sweet and funny, daring and brilliant. It has highs and lows and many funny moments. I read the first book in just two days and then read the sequel, Wilde About The Girl in just one sitting when it came out earlier this year. Absolutely brilliant series.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

If you are after a cute contemporary, then this is the series for you. I whizzed through these books, I could not put them down. It follows 17-year-old Lara Jean as a box of love letters that she has written over the years somehow get sent out. You watch as she tries to figure out what to do and falls in love with someone that she never expected too. This is just such a sweet story, I found myself smiling the whole time that I was reading it. it is the perfect trilogy, it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Confessions Of George Nicholson by Louise Rennison

Oh my god! I have loved this series for forever. I read these books for the first time when I was 13 or 14 and I read them back to back and I have honestly lost count of how many times I have reread them. I loved them. They are laid out as a diary and you follow 15-year-old Georgia throughout her teen years. There is drama, and boys, and friendships and lot of laughter. I swear I have never laughed so hard at a book. Think Bridget Jones, but for teens. I cannot tell you how much I love these books. It also helps that they are set in Brighton (I live just down the road) and we are pretty sure, the school is based of the high school I went too (I don’t just mean that in a vague way, I mean it is literally the same place. All girls, super strict uniform, bloody beret, evil science teacher, bitchy prefects, the back ally where people snuck out and smoked…. literally, it is that school). I reread these last years and fell in love with them all over again. They are just so funny and honest.

Jessie Jefferson by Paige Toon

This trilogy is just a whole lot of fun. It follows 15-year-old Jessie as she decides to finally find her biological father following the death of her mother, only to discover that he is a famous rock star. This trilogy follows her journey as she gets to know him, makes new friends and falls for someone she shouldn’t. I admit that it is cliché and predictable but it is a really good read. it is sweet and funny, it is light but also deals with some big topics such as loss and drug abuse. It is just an all-round good trilogy.

And there we go. Those are a few of my all-time favourite contemporary series. what is your favourite contemporary series? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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