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Halloween Book Tag

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day two of spooky week! Today I thought that it was the perfect time to do a Halloween book tag. so, without further ado, here it is! (side note, I tried to find the original post and who created this tag but couldn’t find it. if you know who created this tag please comment below so that I can credit them :D)

Favourite scary, must-read for Halloween?

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys

I don’t really have a must have Halloween read. I don’t often reread books. But, whenever someone asks me what to read at Halloween I always recommend this book. it is just the perfect book for Halloween and I so really want to reread it

Scariest book cover, like ever?

IT by Stephen King

I just really fucking hate clowns. I worked in a book shop when the new film came out last year and I literally couldn’t escape this book for months. Everywhere I turned, there it was

If you could go trick-or-treating with any author, who would you pick?

V E Schwab

Schwab is queen, who else you would you pick?

If you could dress up as any bookish character for Halloween, who would you be?

Mia Corvere

Mia is just such a badass, I would love to be her for a few hours. She is just so ruthless and sassy. The perfect Halloween cosplay

If you could find anything (from any book) in your trick-or-treat stash, what would you hope to find?

Harry’s Invisibility Cloak

To be fair, anything from the Potterverse

In what fictional world would you like to go trick-or-treating?


Just think of all the incredible treats you would get! Chocolate frogs, fizzing whiz bees, sugar quills, bertie bots….im making myself hungry

What book villain would you not like to meet alone in a dark alley on Halloween?


I wouldn’t want to meet Voldy in a dark alley at any time, but given his history with Halloween, it seems like the literal worse day to meet him on

Would you rather dress up as a vampire, zombie, werewolf, or Shadowhunter?


How can you not chose Shadowhunter? They are fucking incredible!

Pick a candy (just one) from Harry Potter that you would love to find in your stash?

Chocolate Frog

Yes, I am that basic! I want a chocolate frog!

What is your favourite Halloween candy?

Anything chocolate

There aren’t many specific Halloween candy in the UK, and what there is, is gross af, so just give me chocolate. Give me all the chocolate!

And there we have it! I really do like doing tags. I am not going to tag anyone specific, but if you want to give this one a go, consider yourself tagged! What is your go to Halloween read? I hope that you will enjoy todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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