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Book Haul

Hey Guys!

I feel like I haven’t done a book haul in ages. I have hardly brought any books over the last couple of months, but I finally have enough to do a book haul, so let’s do it!

Vengeful by V E Schwab – Waterstones (£16.99)


Save The Date by Morgan Matson – Waterstones (BOGOHP)

Are We All Lemmings And Snowflakes? By Holly Bourne – Waterstones (BOGOHP)


Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon – Waterstones (BOGOHP)

Magnus Chase And The Ship Of The Dead by Rick Riordan – Waterstones (BOGOHP)

The Price Guide To The Occult by Leslye Walton – Waterstones (BOGOHP)

Thats Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger – Waterstones (BOGOHP)

Some Kind Of Wonderful by Giovanni Fletcher – Sainsbury (£3.99)

One Perfect Christmas And Other Stories by Paige Toon – Sainsbury (£3.50)


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – Kim’s Books (£6)

The House On Pooh Corner by A A Milne – Kim’s Books (£5)

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell – Kim’s Books (£2)

The White Horse Of Zennor – Kim’s Books (£3)

This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay – ADSA (£3)

The Book Of Dust by Phillip Pullman – WHSmith (£3.99)


Our Dark Duet by V E Schwab – Amazon (£5.99)

The Date To Save by Stephanie Kate Strohm – Amazon (£4.91)

I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk – Amazon (£2)

I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk – Amazon (£2)

And there we have it. those are all the books that I have brought recently. As you can see, it is nowhere near as many as I usually do. what books have you brought over the last couple of months? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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