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Hey Guys!

Over the course of this year I have shared a few collections with you. For instance, my Tsum Tsum collection, my POP! Vinyl collection and my Lego Minifigure collection. Well today I wanted to share another collection with you, my bookmark collection!

I have a lot of bookmarks. Like, a lot! I buy a new bookmark everywhere I go. I like being able to change bookmark for every book I read and I also use bookmarks in bookstagram photos and I just love them. I also, in case you don’t know, use a lot of postcards as bookmarks. I know some people find this strange but I find they work really well. because they aren’t as long as book marks they don’t get damaged. They don’t fall out your book when it is in a bag like normal bookmarks tend too, they are cheaper and I think that they can look really good in photos. I also find it easier to find designs that I like in post cards. So, there will be a lot of them in this post as well. but let’s start with actual bookmarks.


I told you that I collect bookmarks from everywhere I go. I picked these three up from Paris when I was there earlier in the year. I particularly love the two black and white ones.


These are two of the oldest bookmarks that I own. I brought the Alice one from the Alice in Wonderland shop in Oxford about 6 years ago. And the Doctor Who one was in my Christmas stocking about 4 years ago, if not longer ago.


My parents brought me these two bookmarks from the Bodleian library easier this year and I love them!

I have a few bookmarks from FicitonTeaDesigns and I absolutely adore them! I only brought them a few months ago but I will 100% buy more in the future. She does so many stunning bookish designs.


Can you tell that I like Book Depository? Lol. This isn’t even all of them, these where only the ones that where in my bookmark storage thing (a letter organiser).


I never throw out any bookmarks. All of these are some promotional bookmarks that I received in multiple Illumicrate boxes.


Feather bookmark


This is my only wooden bookmark and I received it in an Illumicrate box a while ago. I love it. It is by RDashJackDotCom and has a quote from The Winners Curse on it. It is really sweet and I really want to get more wooden bookmarks.


I have a couple of these slide on metal marks but I don’t particularly like them. I think they are really pretty but I don’t like using them as I find that they tend to dent the pages a bit. But these ones are particularly pretty. The four elemental ones are from an Illumicrate unboxing. The other one is a Celtic knot design that I brought while in Cardiff last year


I am a big fan of magnetic bookmarks. These ones are all from ‘FromNewLeaf’. I only recently discovered this company and I love them. The top ones are Divergent themed. Each one is the symbol of one of the factions from the books. The second ones are obviously, the Hogwarts houses. These are so cute and I love them.


Like I said, I love magnetic bookmarks. I have a lot of HappyHello bookmarks and I love them. They are so damn cute. I love just how many bookish designs they do. In case you cant tell how everyone is, obviously there is Doctor Who, then Lara Jean and Peter from To All The Boys Ive Loved Before, Kel, Lila, Holand and Rhy from A Darker Shade Of Magic, Rhys and Fayre from A Court Of Thorns And Roses, Lockwood, Lucy and George from Lockwood and Co, Scarlet, Tella and ‘legend’ from Caraval, Will, Jem and Tessa from The Infernal Devices, Victor, Eli, Sydney and Serena from Vicious, Celia, Marco, Poppet and Widget from The Night Circus, Harry and Draco from Harry Potter, Lila from A Darker Shade Of Magic and Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter. I love them all and will 100% buy more.


All the postcards! As you can see, I have quiet a few! I either go for funny ones or motivational ones. Or just plan aesthetically pleasing. Anything that will potentially look good in bookstagram photos. Skull ones are from the paris catacombs, the cartoon Pope one (yes, I seriously brought this, blame my sister) is from Vatican City in Rome, Dobby is from Harry Potter Studio Tour, Dragon is from Cardiff, the bookshelf is from the Bodleian, the rest are from either Paperchase, OhhDear or random shops. This is also only a few of the ones I own. I reckon that I must have at least another 12 or so, but they are dotted all around the place, in books I’m currently reading, some are just left in books (I am terrible at remembering to take bookmarks out of books when I finish reading it).


These are some more promotional ones from Illumicrate boxes. I keep all of these because you never know when one of these will come in handy for bookstagram photos.

and there we have it. As I said, this isn’t even all of the bookmarks that I own, but it is most of them. How many book marks do you own? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again very soon


5 thoughts on “Bookmark Collection

  1. Yes! A girl after my own heart, I adore bookmarks and postcards too. I’ve featured my Happy Hello HP collection before and have tons of magnetic ones from The Crafted Van, you should check them out, they have cute, more general bookish and locale designs. Of yours, the Paris ones are stunning and the 3-d ones too. I see Fiction Tea has some new designs up…

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