Book Review: Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland

Hey Guys!

How’s your weekend going? Good I hope. Since it is the weekend it is time for another book review and this week it is the turn of a brand new release! What!!! This never happens!!!! When I say brand new, I mean it came out on Thursday, brand new!!!!! What is this madness!….sorry, got a little bit carried away there…..ANYWAY, moving on. Today it is all about Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland. Let’s do this!


This is not my usual style of book at all but I really, really liked this book. I read the first book Wilde Like Me when it first came out last year and I read it in ab out 2 days. It really took me by surprise. Especially as I picked it up fully expecting to dislike it. So of course I was going to pick up the sequel and I actually ended up reading this in one sitting! I was so encapsulated by it!

I loved the direction that this book went in, particularly how empowering it is. There is so much self-love in this book and encouragement of body positivity and I love that. you don’t see that enough in books. But it also dealt with some other really big topics (don’t want to spoil anything so not going to comment on what those topics are). I was really impressed by how much more complex this story has become. I honestly couldn’t put it down. One minute I was laughing, the next I was crying and before I knew it I was smiling again. There was just so much emotion packed into this book and I loved it. although I am slightly worried by how often I teared up while reading it lol.

There were just so many big storylines in this book. I was really impressed by the depth of it but also by how the storylines were done. There is a particular thing that happens in this book (no spoilers but if you have read it you will know the thing I am talking about. Happens in part 3) that is just handled really well. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was handled beautifully. Some authors would have just used it as a plot point but Louise used it to grow her Robin as a character but she did it in a really tactful and understanding way. it was just a plot point, it was part of the story and will always be part of Robin. I am just very impressed by how well it was handled. It shows how much Louise has grown as an author.

I will admit that this book is a bit predictable. I did predict at least three of the big plot twists. But im not sure if that is the book or me. I am used to reading a lot of fantasy and being surrounded with lots of really sudden plot twists and so tend to always spot plot twists in any Contempary books that I read, but still. I wasn’t massively surprised by anything that happened in this book.

But, all in all, I did really, really enjoy this book. I love that each book in this series is set over the course of a whole year so you really get to see that characters grow and evolve and experience their lives. I am just sad that I am going to have to wait a whole year to see what is going to happen next for Robin.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

And there we have it. Have you read Wilde Like Me? Are you planning to read Wilde About The Girl? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Wilde About The Girl by Louise Pentland

  1. I really didn’t know what I could expect from this book! I like Louis, but I was afraid it would be another “youtuber book” like her friend Zoella did. But as I get from your review it’s more like Carrie’s books 🤔

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    1. I had the exact same thoughts when the first book came out. I had no intention of picking it up as I thought that it would be just another youtuber book but I picked it up on a whim and ended up really loving it. Definitely think Carrie not Zoella

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