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Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Hey Guys!

Another week has been and gone and that means that it is time for another book review! and this week I am continuing with my pattern of the last couple of weeks and finishing The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. So, without further ado, here is my review for Mockingjay. Let’s do this.


Well I am completely hollow. I listened to the audiobooks for this entire trilogy over the course of about 4 days and I have well and truly drained myself. I hadn’t intended to marathon it, but I just couldn’t wait between books. if you have seen my previous two reviews then you will know that I had read The Hunger Games and most of Catching Fire a few years ago, but had only vague memories of them. And so going back into this trilogy I had naively thought that I would be able to breeze through the first two books in order to get to the third. I wasn’t expecting to get so utterly absorbed in them again. I don’t think it is possible to read this books and not be completely engrossed in the story.

I thought that this was a very dark story already but my god did Mockingjay step it up a gear. I was not expecting it to get that dark. I didn’t honestly think that it could get any darker. But boy did it. I knew a few spoilers for this book going into it (with how big the fandom for this series is it is impossible to escape all spoilers) so I had at least a vague idea about a couple of things that were going to happen, and honestly what I knew should have given me a hint to how dark this book was going to go. There was just so much pain and misery in this book. so many people lost their lives and so many other lives were destroyed. It was just a lot to handle.

I felt so sorry for Katniss in this book. I mean I have felt sorry for her in every book, but particularly in this book. That poor girl has been through so much. she has lost so many people and seen so much pain, and in such a short amount of time. I just want to wrap her up in a blanket and tell her that everything is going to be okay. In fact, I want to do that to everyone. Peeta, Gale, Prim, Finnick, Haymitch, hell, I even want to protect the cat! These characters have just been through so much.

I think that the reason why this trilogy has left me feeling so drained (besides marathoning it (seriously bad idea)) is because the story feels real. it isn’t farfetched or distant, it feels like it could be our future. it feels like a possibility and that is terrifying and horrific and says way too much about the world that we live in. I felt so connected to this story, right from the get go and I really do believe that is because of how genuinely realistic it feels.

The only thing about this final book that I didn’t love was the ending. In fact, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the last 4 or so chapters. Although it was good to see the effect that all of these events would have on a person and it was good to see the mental struggles, but I don’t think it was entirely needed. Personally I think that the story could have ended differently. With the ending we got you don’t really get that much of a look at how the world is now and how it has changed. So, since we didn’t get a good look at the new world order I personally think that Collins could have pulled a Divergent on us and I think that it could have worked very well. Been incredibly traumatising and heart-breaking, yes, but I think that it could have been a better ending to this trilogy.

But overall I loved every second of this trilogy. yes, it is dark and twisted and really, really, fucked up. and absolutely terrifying. But it is so good. it is so well written and you connect to the story and the characters so much. I am so glad that I decided to pick this trilogy up again.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

And there we have it. that trilogy has completely destroyed me. have you read The Hunger Games? Did it leave you hollow as well? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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