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Hey Guys!

Recently I went a bit mad and did a lot of online shopping. A lot of Etsy stores that I have been looking at for a long time suddenly had sales, discount codes or price cut events. So I brought a lot of bookish goodies. And today I thought that I would do a little haul for you and show you what I got. Let’s do this!

First one of my all time favourite bookmark stores, Happy Hello had a 20% off code so I decided to order a couple of sets. I only ever buy from her when there is a discount code, purely because shipping is about £6 so I can only really justify it to myself if there is a discount. But this time around I picked up 3 new sets. The first one is this really cute To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before set. It is a little Lara Jean and Peter, and they were £2.99 (minus 20%). Next I got a Doctor Who set. I recently stated re-watching who so I had to get this one. it is a little tiny Tardis and the 10th Doctor. I just needed this in my life. Again this was £2.99 (minus 20%). And finally I got the Vicious inspired set. This one has a little Victor, an Eli, a Serena and Sydney with Dol the dog. These where about £7 (minus 20%). All of these are just so damn cute and I am in love with them all.


Next I took advantage of ‘Fiver Friday’ that a load of UK based sellers held at the end of June and I ordered a lot of stuff. It was just the perfect opportunity to try out new companies, get a feel for products and collected some bookish goodies. So firstly I brought some bookmarks from FromNewLeaf. These are little magnetic bookmarks, similar to the Happy Hello ones, but these aren’t characters. I chose a set of 5 Divergent themed bookmarks. Each mark is one of the Factions from the books. I love these. I think that they are so cute and I love them. plus, they arrived really, really quickly. And they were, obviously, £5. I then at a later date ordered a set of Harry Potter themed ones, that where also on sale for £5.


Next I ordered a couple of items from missbohemia on Etsy. Firstly, I brought something that I have been looking at for about a year and that is the Books and Coffee, rectangular necklace. I love this thing. I have been seeing it all over insta for so long and I have always wanted on and now I have it. it is a four sided necklace with each side saying something different. so there is Read Books, Be Happy, Drink Coffee and Take Naps. I just love this. it is so cute and I am really happy with it. and then I ordered an Alice In Wonderland themed mug. This is just so cute. It has the ‘why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast’ quote on it and it is surrounded by beautiful illustrations and it is just perfect. It looks so cute next to my copy of Alice. and both items where £5 each.


Then I got myself a new book sleeve from BookBestiesUK. this was what I was most excited for and I am so happy that I actually managed to get one as there was a very limited number available, but I managed it. Since there this was so limited I had to go for whatever one I could but I am quite happy with the pattern I managed to get. I chose the converse, baseball boot style print and I really like it. this sleeve fits a standard paperback book and I love it. it is good quality, it protects my books, what more do I want? And again, it was only £5.


And then I went candle mad. So I love the idea of bookish candles but I have never ordered any for myself. I have issues. Mostly the shipping costs. Most bookish candles that I have seen come from the states and the shipping is ridicules. we are talking anything up to £30 just on shipping and I am not prepared to pay that. I also am never sure what the quality is going to be like. if I will like the scent, if it burns well and so on. so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to test out a few UK based brands, all of whom have really good shipping costs. So I brought a lot of candles. The first ones I got are from Paper Flames Candle Co. I got two candles from them. the first is just a general bookish one called ‘just One More Chapter’ and it smells like coffee and cake. The second is a Mortal Instruments themed one called ‘Daylighter’ and it smells like coffee, musk and vanilla. I am really pleased with both of these scents. They both smell really good. I haven’t lit them yet so can’t comment on how they burn (keep an eye on my insta stories, I will update on there) but as of right now, I am very happy with them. they smell good, have super cute packaging and are a really good size. If they burn nicely I will 100% buy from them again. And surprise, surprise, they were £5 each :D. (these also arrived super quickly)

Next I brought 2 candles from QuackerCandle. Again I got one general bookish scent and one themed one. so I got ‘Bookstagram’ which is ‘A tropical delight bursting with notes of sun-ripened fruit and exotic coconut.’ And then I got a A Court of Thorns And Roses themed one called ‘High Lord’ which is ‘A delicate, ozonic floral fragrance opening with top notes of citrus fruit, marine notes marigold and green nuances. The floral heart of hibiscus, freesia, water lily, jasmine and rose rests on a base of musk, precious woods and dry fruit.’ (and yes I did just quote the posting as it seemed easiest lol). Both where £5. These ones still haven’t arrived though; the shop currently has about a month delay.


Then finally I got a candle from BookishBurns. This is a Infernal Devices themed one called ‘Jems Medicine’. It is brown sugar and fig scented and I actually really like it. It doesn’t quiet smell like I imagine Jem’s medicine does, but it is close. It is very sweet but I am very happy with it. And, surprise, surprise, it was just £5.

Finally, I ordered a little something from my favourite Etsy store, Book Of Shadows Studio. If you have followed me for a while you will know that I have brought loads of bookish themed silhouettes from here before and she has just released some Harry Potter ones so, naturally, I had to order them! they were £9.44 and I am so happy. They haven’t arrived just yet (I only ordered a week ago and they come from the US) but I am so excited for them to arrive.

And that is everything that I have brought recently. I am so happy with everything that I have gotten recently, even though I have spent far too much money on bookish goodies recently lol. What is your favourite bookish items? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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