How To Get Cheap Audiobooks

Hey Guys!

As you all probably know by now I am a massive fan of audiobooks. I always have one on the go, I love them. unfortunately, audiobooks can be incredibly expensive. so today I thought that I would share some tips with you on how to get audiobooks for cheap. You are looking at someone who has never paid full price for an audiobook.


Firstly, I would highly suggest subscribing to audible (I am in no way affiliated with them, they are just a service that I use and think is a good option). The reason why I suggest this is because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. A monthly subscription to audible is about £8 a month and for that you receive a credit that you can use to purchase any audiobook on the site, whatever the price. Personally I take full advantage of this and only buy audiobooks that are £25 and up with my credit. This is such an effective, easy way to save money. Also, by subscribing you become entitled to members only offers such as 2 for 1 deals, sales and more. I would also suggest, weather you are subscribed or not, checking the audible deal of the day every day. This is a 24-hour flash deal that changed daily where you can get a specific audiobook for between £1.99 and £3.99. most of the time it won’t be something you are interested in but sometimes it is a book that you do want to read and it just saves a lot of money. For instance, in the past I have brought The Book Thief, Trials Of Apollo, The Buried Giant, Jungle Book, The Knife Of Never Letting Go and more. each for under £4. It is always worth taking 30 seconds to check it. (also you can return an audiobook if you don’t like it. don’t feel obliged to keep an audiobook you hated and lose your money)


My next trick that I always do before buying any audiobook is see how much the eBook of it would be with added audio narration. You don’t have to have the kindle app for this, just and audible account in the same address as your amazon account. Essentially this is a super cheap way to get audiobooks. You buy the eBook at a low price, usually under £5 and can tick a little box to add ‘audio narration’ to it for a small additional cost, usually around £5. The audio narration is the audiobook and you can listen to it like any other audiobook on audible. It isn’t an option available on all eBooks but it is on most and sometimes when your price it up it is actually the same price as just buying the audiobook, but it can be a really really good deal. In the past I have used this method on Divergent, What Light, Billy And Me, The Blood Of Olympus, Nevernight, The Bear And The Nightingale and more. it can be a real money saver.

Similarly, to the previous idea, it can be worth checking other online book sellers such as McMillian audio, book depository and so on. sometimes you can buy audiobooks as digital downloads (or physical discs) from these types of sites and it can work out as cheaper than buying from audible.


Next is a recent discovery for me and that is Sribd. Scribd is a bit like audible, but also the opposite of it. with Scribd you pay a monthly subscription fee (around £8) and for that you get unlimited access to their library. They have audiobooks and eBooks and you can access as many as you like, no limited. I have been using this loads recently. I am currently still in my 30-day free trial but I am 100% staying subscribed. They don’t have the range audible do but they do have some really brilliant titles available. I have listened to The Hunger Games, The Selection, Wolves Of Mercy Falls, Raven Cycle and more on here. It is definitely worth checking them out.


And finally I have three tricks for free audiobooks. The first is to download the Librivox app. This is an app that contains all audiobooks that are in the public domain. Basically books with no copyright on them. 99% of these books are classics, so, if you like that sort of book, check it out.


The next is the RB Digital app (or Overdrive (essentially the same thing but one is uk the other is us) these are apps that link you to your local library. You need a library card for this and you essentially borrow audiobooks from them through the app, just like borrowing a book from the library. You only get it for 28 days but it a really good way of listening to an audiobook with no fee. Obviously the selection will vary from town to town but I was impressed by the selection in my area and I have listened to a lot of books this way. also, a little extra point, got to your local library. Most have a selection of audiobook CDs available for borrowing. Not the best selection, but you may get lucky.


And finally, the questionable one, YouTube. You can sometimes find audiobooks on YouTube, people do upload audiobooks and they get taken down pretty quickly but if you are really strapped for cash it is an option. You do need to listen to them pretty quickly and it is a bit of an ethical grey area, but, it is an option. Especially if you cannot afford audiobooks or are new to them and not sure if they are for you.

And there we go. Those are my tricks and tips to get audiobooks. What method do you use to buy audiobooks? Any tips for me? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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