Lego Minifigure Collection

Hey Guys!

If you have followed me for a while, then you will know that I collect lots of nerdy little objects which I keep on my bookcase. In the past I have shown you my Pop Vinyl collection and my Tsum Tsum Collection. Well today I wanted to share with you my Lego Minifigure Collection.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, Lego do blind bags. Each one contains a minifigure. About twice a year they release a new collection of bling bags, each collection has around 16 to 20 figures to collect. Sometimes the collections are themed. I don’t try and collect one of every figure but I do try and collect certain ones from each collection. So far I have mostly always managed to get all of the ones that I want (I work somewhere that sells them so I have the opportunity to feel the bags to make sure I am getting the ones I want). I only get the characters that I like. whether that be because I think they’re funny or stupid or look like a character from a fandom or ones that I just like the look off. I will admit that I do tend to go for the stupid ones like the guy dressed as corn. I only started collecting them about 4 years ago so I don’t have anything from the really old collections, but I have at least one from every collection from the last four years. But I have waffled long enough, let’s get to my collection.

What I am going to do is tell you a collection number or name and then which figures I have from that collection. I won’t include the random Lego figures I just own like Rocket Racoon or Harry Potter as they aren’t from any mini figure collection.


Series 12

(1) The Wizard (looks like Dumbledore)


Series 13

(3) The Unicorn

(14) The Hotdog


Series 14 – Monsters

(1) The Werewolf

(2) The Pirate

(7) The Ghost Thing (looks like a dementor)

(8) The Zombie Cheerleader

(10) The Gargoyle

(16) The Vampire


Series 15

(5) The Native Indian Woman

(7) The Faun (looks like Grover from PJ)

(11) The Sci-Fi Fighter Thing (lost)

(15) The Diamond Thief


The Disney Series

(3) Buzz Lightyear

(4) Aladdin

(5) The Gene

(7) Alice

(10) Donald Duck

(13) Mr Incredible

(15) Peter Pan

(18) Ariel

(This is the only series that I wish I had managed to get loads more off)


Series 16

(4) The Child Devil

(5) The Emo Boy (looks like Nico DiAngelo)

(10) The Penguin

(15) The Banana Man

(16) The Babysitter


The Lego Batman Movie

(3) Fairy Batman

(5) Rubber Ring Batman

(8) The Joker

(13) Harley Quinn

(16) Wolverine Batman


Series 17

(3) The Baker

(4) The Corn Man

(5) The Vet (purely for the bunny she came with)

(7) The Fairy

(8) Poseidon

(9) The French Guy (purely for the French bulldog he came with)

(15) The Elf Princess (LOTR vibes)


The Lego Ninjago Movie

(6) The Selfie Guy (lives on a super high shelf that I cant reach)

(7) Lloyd

(20) The Pastel Girl (don’t know her name)


Lego Batman Movie (Series 2)

(1) Harley Quinn

(5) Poseidon Batman

(6) Rubber Ring Joker

(12) Fly Guy


Series 18

(1) The Elephant Girl

(7) The Dragon

(11) The Cactus

(14) The Flower Pot

(15) The Horse Guy

(17) The Unicorn

And I think that that is everyone. I do think that I am going to try and buy a few from past boxes as there are a lot that I wish that I had managed to get before I started collecting them and a few from more recent boxes. I am really excited for the next round though as in august they Harry Potter ones that I already know I want 90% off. have you got any minifigures? I honestly love collecting them as they are just so easy to dot around my shelves to liven it up a bit. Plus, they are just fun. I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon


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