Book Review: On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Hey Guys!

Today is my 22nd birthday! What! How has another year gone by! Anyway, while I freak out, it is time for another book review! yay! Today it is the turn of a book that has been sitting on my book shelf for over a year and that book is On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher. So, let’s do this!


Well that was different. it had honestly been so long since I brought this book that I honestly couldn’t remember what it was about. All I could remember was that the main character was dead. So I really had no clue what to expect going into it. and all I can say is, it was different.

This book is a magical realism unlike any magical realism book that I have read before. For the most part this book was completely normal and no fantastical. It read like a Contempary (if you ignore the afterlife elements). It was just a fairly normal story about a normal woman righting her wrongs in order to move onto the afterlife, but with the story of her life woven throughout. And then there were a few truly bizarre, magical moments, that where just there and never explained or elaborated on. it was just accepted as normal and never questioned. And I am not 100% sure how I feel about it. I am not sure that the story needed those elements. I thought that it was working perfectly well without them. but at the same time I didn’t hate them, I just wanted a bit more explanations about them.

But besides my mixed feelings about the magical elements, I really liked this book. the story was sweet and compelling but also hard and utterly heart-breaking at times. There were just so many emotions bottled up inside this book. so much life and so many stories. It was really enjoyable to read and watch everything unravel and become clear. I also liked that this story showed that good things can come from a bad situation. Or at least a situation that you do not wish for. The idea that you can always find happiness and love, even if it isn’t quite the same as the first time is such a beautiful message to put out there.

This was a very character driven story though, which luckily worked. Although I didn’t fully connect with any of the characters (pretty sure that that is a fault in me and not the book), I did find myself really rooting for them. I wanted each and every character to find the happiness that they deserved (with maybe the exception of Evie’s mother, who I wanted to fall off a cliff).

All in all, this was an enjoyable book. it wasn’t the greatest, but I didn’t hate it either. For a debut novel it was very good. I will 100% be reading more of Carrie’s books. I am interested to see how she progresses as an author.

star 3.53.5 out of 5

There we go. Another book down. Have you read On The Other Side? What did you think about it? have you read Carrie’s other book? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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