Book Review: The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie

Hey Guys!

OMG! Bonus book review! whoop, whoop! If you follow me on Instagram or Goodreads, you will know that I have been getting through a shocking amount of audiobooks recently. Like in one week I listened to six audiobooks!!! I mean, what! So that means that I have a lot of book reviews to do so you are getting a bonus one today to help me catch up. so todays bonus review is for The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie. Let do this.


This book was basically the middle grade version of the Night Circus…. just not as good. the whole time I was listening to this book I had this feeling that it was very familiar but I couldn’t quiet put my finger on what it was, and then it suddenly clicked like 40 pages before the end. It is exactly like The Night Circus!

This book was just very unoriginal. Not only did it pretty much just follow the whole storyline of The Night Circus, the whole thing was lacking in anything original. All the storylines felt over played and like they had been done a million times before. But I can’t quiet put my finger on why I felt this way. just nothing about this book screamed ‘new’. I found all the plot twists to be very dull and predictable, the storylines to be uneventful and the whole book lacking it atmosphere. I had really wanted to love this book, but I just didn’t.

I also found the characters to be very tedious. I found them all very dull and boring. None of them had any qualities that made them fell unique or even realistic. They were all just very two dimensional. Even the magical element didn’t hold any interest for me, mainly because it was incredibly underplayed.

Overall I am really disappointed in this book. I had thought that because it had won several awards and seemed well liked that I would love it. and I really, really didn’t. such a shame. The only element that I truly liked about it was that it started in Scotland and the main character was Scottish.

star 42 out of 5

And there we have it. have you ever read this one? what did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed todays book review and I will see you all again very soon.


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