Book Review: The Start Of Me And You by Emery Lord

Hey Guys!

It’s Saturday! Fuck me this week has been intense! Oh well, it is finally the weekend and finally my day off! So that means that it is time for a book review! this week it is a book by one of my favourite authors, Emery Lord. Yep, this week I finally read The Start Of Me And You. Let’s do this review!


I really enjoyed this book, although there is no surprise there. I always enjoy Lord’s books. I will admit that I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book. I knew that it was about a girl whose first boyfriend had died in a freak accident, but that was all I knew. I love going into Lord’s books only knowing the basics.

I will be 100% honest with you and admit that this book was a little bit lighter then I was expecting it to be. Having already read two of Lord’s books (When We Collided and The Names They Gave Us) I am familiar with her style. She writes about really heavy topics such as grief and bipolar and losing a parent as the likes. But manages to maintain a fairly light feel to the story. Even though they are hard hitting they are also easy to read. they don’t drag you down too much. and while The Start Of Me And You had this same format, it just felt like it was on the lighter side. It felt more like a fluffy romance then a hard hitting contemporary. But I honestly didn’t mind too much. I enjoyed reading so much still.

What I always love about Lord’s books is how real they feel. Between the characters and the storylines, I just always connect to the story. every single one of her books has left me wishing that these characters where actually real. they just all feel so three dimensional and realistic that I just want to meet them. and The Start Of Me And You was no exception. I found myself really wishing rooting for the characters and hoping that things worked out for them. I really liked Paige as a character. She was just so down to earth. I loved how caring she was and how strong. I also loved all of the secondary characters like Tessa and Kayleigh, Ryan and Morgan, Max. they were all just such well-rounded characters.

But I think what I loved most about this book was the character’s friendship. Emery Lord has a serious talent for creating really realistic friendship groups that you just want to be a part off. I loved the group dynamic and how much they truly felt for each other. It is so nice to see a group of friends in a YA book what actually care for each other and are always there for one another. Who hold each other up no matter. No ulterior motives, just true friendship.

All in all, I really loved this book. I read it in just two sitting and I am so glad that I have finally read this one. I am also so happy that it is getting a sequel soon J

star 4.54.5 out of 5

And there we have it. have you read The Start Of Me And You? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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