Spring Candles

Hey Guys!

It is time for the next post in my seasonal series. Whoop whoop! And this time it is the turn of my Spring Candles. In case you have no clue what I am talking about, essentially, each season I make a series of four posts, each one talking about a certain topic/thing within that season. So, summer photography, winter nails, autumn reads and so on. and today it is the turn of my Spring Candles. Let’s go!

If you saw any of my winter posts a few months ago then you will know that at the start of this year, I was feeling very flat. I was low, I wasn’t feeling like myself. I just generally wasn’t feeling right. And so everything in my life felt very flat. I didn’t have any motivation to do anything, burn anything, wear anything, be anything. But, good news, I am finally starting to feel better. Not completely back to normal yet, but better than I was. And so, I am hoping that this time around these posts will be slightly more interesting. Anyway, let’s get to the actual post.

As I am sure that you all know by this point, I love scented candles. I literally always have something burning, no matter the time of the year. My choice in scent does kind of change depending on the season. This time of year I tend to find myself burning more fresh scents. Very clean scents. This has always been the way with me. I think this is probably because spring always feels like a fresh start. I also find myself burning a few floral scents. Sometimes some sweet. The only thing that I don’t really find myself reaching for spicy scents. I’m all about those fresh ones in spring. But I will admit, because I am still not feeling 100% myself, I have only been burning a few scents.

One of the candles that I have been burning quite a lot is Lemon & Lime Mojito from Flamingo Candle. If you haven’t heard of this brand, they are a little company in the UK that make soy wax candles. There candles are so good. They smell amazing, they have a really wide range of scents, they burn beautifully and are really affordable. I discovered them a couple of years ago now and I have completely fallen in love with them as a brand. Lemon & Lime Mojito is an incredible scent. It is such a clean, fresh scent. Really citrusy. It just makes the whole room smell like it has just been cleaned. I love it. it is perfect for spring. I have loved this one for a few years now, and every time I burn it again, I fall in love all over again. And I have also been burning the scent Bah! Humbug by them. this was actually a Christmas scent. but this one is actually a very good spring scent. It is very minty but also has a sweet undercurrent to it. Again, very fresh and so good. Again, perfect for this time of year.

I have also been burning a variety of the Flamingo Candle’s wax melts. I brought a huge selection of scents last year and did it again this year. All the scents that I chose are very spring like. Some of them where Pina Colada, Gin & Tonic, Mojito, Pink Lemonade, Peaches and Cream and a lot more. I kind of just went in store and grabbed every spring like scent that I found….I got a little carried away. They all smell really nice and burn beautifully, well, I have an electric tart warmer, so melt really well lol. I have slowly been burning my way through them and I love them.

The only other scent that I have been reaching for is one of my all-time favourites and that is Midsummer Night from Yankee Candle, which I you have followed me for a while you will know that this is my all-time favourite scent and that I burn it literally all year round. I can’t even describe this scent. It is just amazing. It is quiet masculine. It is rich and deep but also fresh and just, so damn good. I love it so much. I will actually cry is they ever retire it.

And that is it. that is all that I have been burning. I just haven’t had much motivation. What is your opinion on scented candles? Any brands that I should check out. For anyone interested I buy all of my candles from Candle Scentral. They are a little independent store that stock Yankee Candles, Prices Candles, Flamingo Candles, Candleberry and another couple of brands. They are the same price as buying direct from Yankee and so on but they are completely independent. They have a little shop in Sussex and have the friendliest, most helpful staff. Do check them out, they have website that you can order from and they offer free delivery with any order over £35. ( I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, and I will see you all again very soon.


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