Book Review: Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! What are you all up to today? I am spending my day packing since I am off on holiday first thing tomorrow morning. I am so damn excited! Anyway, since it is Sunday it is time for another book review. And today I am continuing a trilogy that I started last month, yep, today it is all about Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever. Let’s go!


Full disclosure, I was lucky enough to receive a EBook copy of this one from the author but all opinions and thoughts in this review are my own and are 100% honest.

Well that was intense! And here I was thinking that a lot happened in the first book! Oshun Rising jumped straight back into the story, straight back into the action. But it was also a very different story. and I really enjoyed it.

This story just got so much more complex in this book. where the first book followed just Ember this book jumped around and switched perspective ever chapter. Although this did take some getting used to I actually ended up really growing to enjoy this. It meant that we got to see a hell of a lot more of the story then we would have if it had just been Ember/Oshun’s POV. It meant that we got to see all these different branches of the story and watch them weave together. I really liked the fact that we got to see the story from all angles. I was really curious how Alsever was going to do this book as I wasn’t sure how it would work if it was just from Oshun’s POV, but this way of telling the story was perfect for it.

I also liked the fact that throughout this book we slowly got to piece together the bigger picture. Everything wasn’t just suddenly revealed to us in one go, it was all woven into the story. a little hint here, a clue there, a mention nearby. It was just refreshing to see. A lot of the time in YA books there is just this sudden moment of complete understanding where everything is instantly revealed to you, and that gets a bit boring. But I liked that Oshun Rising let the reader figure it out.

Even though this instalment of the story was very different to the first book, it still felt the same. I still have no idea how to categorise it, there were still occult like elements, ancient Egyptian references and all that sort of stuff. It was still really weird and different and a bit confusing. And I am really glad that that continued. I think if it had lost the weirdness, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. so much was different in this book, I am glad that that was the same.

But now I am just so curious as to what is going to happen in the final book. I feel like I know what is ultimately going to happen, but there are so many things that need to be resolved and explained. I need to know what the hell is up with Lodima. Who is she, and what is her role in all of this. The same goes for Ember’s mother. I just have so many questions that I need answers too. I will 100% be finishing this trilogy. I need answers.

star 4.54.5 out of 5

And there we have it. have you given Trinity Forest a go yet? What do you think about this trilogy? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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