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First Impressions – Colab Dry Shampoo

Hey Guys!

It is time for another first impressions post! I feel like I haven’t written one of these in a fucking age. Oh well, let’s rectify that. today we are talking about Colab Dry Shampoo. Let’s do this!


I feel in love with a dry shampoo about 3 years ago and haven’t touched anything else since. If you are wondering, that dry shampoo was the Herbal Essences, clearly naked, dry shampoo. It was amazing. Gave my hair an instant boost that lasted throughout the day, added volume and texture but didn’t leave any reside on my hair or dry it out. It even smelt nice. All in all, the best dry shampoo. But apparent not that popular as recently they discontinued it leaving me needing to find a new dry shampoo asap! (side note, I love dry shampoo. I use it all the time. I use it to breath extra life into day old hair, add texture, manage my hair when it decides not to behave. Just all the time). I knew from past experience that I don’t get along with Batiste, no matter what you do it always leaves white reside on your hair that is impossible to disperse. So I knew to stay away from that. and then I got thinking about Colab. They have suddenly exploded in the last year or so, everyone was raving about their dry shampoos so I decided, fuck it, what have I got to lose and I picked one up to test.

And you know what, I was pleasantly surprised by it. it is not as good as my beloved Herbal Essences one, but it is good. It works pretty well. So far I haven’t had any white reside or visible product, which is very good. It is really easy to work into your hair and doesn’t feel gross. Some dry shampoos feel powdery or sticky, this doesn’t. and it works pretty well. It defiantly helps to degrease your hair and breathe new life into it. although I will say, it doesn’t last very long. I find that I need to reapply every four hours or so as it kind of just fades, which does sort of defeat the purpose. It also isn’t great for styling purposes. If, like me, you use dry shampoo to add a bit of texture to your hair, this isn’t the shampoo for you. it doesn’t add texture at all. But for the most part, it does the job. It helps me drag out my hair an extra day and helps me get control of my hair when it is having a bad day (for context, I have long hair (to my lower back) and it is fairly fine).

My main complaint with this product though is how much you need to use in order for it to make a difference. I got through two cans of this stuff in the space of a month. A can of my old one could last me 3. I’m not using it any more often, it just doesn’t seem to last as long. Which is a double kick in the teeth as it means you run out more often and it isn’t that cheap. Around £4 compared to others that are around £2. I know it’s not a lot still, but if I am having to replace it every couple of weeks that will soon add up. I also do not like the scents. I have tried two different ones so far (original and galactic) and they are just so strong. I don’t want a really strong scent from my dry shampoo. In all honestly, I would prefer no scent at all. But this is just so strong and it lingers. Like really lingers. I can put a really small amount on in the morning just as a little touch up and I can still smell it in the evening. It is just a bit to in your face. And so far, I have smelt all the scent in store and I don’t love any of them.

All in all, a bit of a mixed bag. It will do for now, but I miss my herbal essences. I will 100% be looking around and testing other dry shampoos. What is your go to dry shampoo? Have you tried Colab? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I I’ll see you all again very soon.


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