Book Review: Batman, Nightwalker by Marie Lu

Hey Guys!

It’s Saturday! Finally! Weeks are really dragging at the moment. Anyway, it is time for another book review. this week it is all about Batman Nightwalker by Marie Lu. Let’s go!


Oh, I don’t know how I feel about this book. I am pretty disappointed by it to be honest with you. I read the first book in the DC Icons series, Wonder Woman in November and I loved it. I really freaking loved it. it was action packed, it was excited, it breathed new life into the characters and it was just brilliant. And so I really thought that I was going to love Batman Nightwalker just as much, if not more when you consider that as a superhero, I really like batman, possibly more than wonder woman. But I really didn’t enjoy this book. It was such a let-down to me.

I found this book to be kind of boring if I am honest. Nothing really happens for 90% of the book. It is just really slow and repetitive. I really struggled to keep focused on it because of slow it was going. I also found the plot to be predictable. From like chapter 2 you knew what the end outcome was going to be. It was just so obvious.

And not only was the plot of the book obvious, but it wasn’t very original. These books are pegged as being reimagining’s of the most icon DC heroes, a new spin on an old character. This book just felt like it was just retelling the exact same story that we already know. It didn’t feel like it was new spin on it, or that it was breathing new life into it. Lu basically just recycled the same stale story that we already know with no new edge to it.

I also wasn’t a fan of the way that the characters where portrayed. Bruce came off as being a love sick fool, not the intelligent young man that we know he is. He just felt so damn stupid throughout this book. I also didn’t like that it felt like Lu was trying to shove in mentions of as many well know Batman characters as possible. It felt like major overkill. The only character I liked was Madeline, and even then I didn’t love her.

I so wish that I could be writing a really glowing review for this book. I really wanted to love it. but I just don’t. it was just so, meh. It was a simple, forgettable read.

star 2.52.5 out of 5

I am so disappointed by this book. I knew that it was getting mixed reviews, but I had still hoped that I would enjoy it. I really do have a weird relationship with Marie Lu’s books. Have you read this one yet? What did you think about it? i hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again soon.


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