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First Impressions: Barry M, Matt Liquid Lip Stick

Hey Guys!

It is time for another first impressions post! I love theses posts. They really force me into trying new things. And one of the new things that I am trying is Lip Stick. I have a very mixed relationship with lipstick. I love the idea of it but I am never sure that it suits me, so I tend not to wear it. But recently I have been thinking about it and come to the conclusion that part of the reason why I don’t think that it suits me is because I don’t see myself in it very often. So this year I am planning to change that and try wearing it more often. And so I have brought a few new lipsticks and thought that I would share my thoughts on them with you.


I decided to go for one of the Barry M, Liquid Lip Sticks as I have heard really good things about them. I ordered the shade On-The-Scene, which is a really pretty nude brown shade. I thought it was probably best to go for something very natural looking to start with. I did also get another shade. When I ordered mine they had a promotion on so I also got another lipstick in the shade Signature, which is a metallic purple shade. Personally I can’t really see myself wearing this one, but it was free so I won’t complain. I will admit that On-The-Scene is slightly more orange toned then I was expecting, but it is still a nice shade. It isn’t too in your face which I really like.

I will say that I am impressed by how matte it is. Obviously I knew it was going to be matte, but I was impressed with how matte it is. It dries down pretty quickly and stays really matte. But at the same time it doesn’t feel too dry on my lips. I was worried that it would feel like I had paint on my lips and like all the moisture was being sucked out of them, but it really didn’t. yes, you can feel it and feel that it is dry, but it isn’t uncomfortable.

I was also impressed by how well it wears. I have had this one for a full day and it has stayed pretty well. It doesn’t rub off or transfer. It also looks pretty much the same at the end of the day as it did when it was first applied. I will admit that the colour does fade a little bit over the course of the day, but nothing too bad.

Overall I was impressed by this. I will be getting more shades in it, although I don’t know how often I will wear it. have you tried this one? What is your opinion on liquid lipsticks? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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