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First Impressions: Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliator

Hey Guys!

Welcome to my first, first impressions post of 2018! Today I am talking about a product that I brought in a pinch a few months ago and that is the Superdrug own brand Tea Tree Exfoliator. Let’s do this.


Towards the end of last year, I started to get several breakouts. The worst that I have had since I was a teenager. I think a combination of work stress, lack of sleep and personal stress all contributed to a few breakouts. One of these breakouts happened when I was on holiday in Cardiff, where I had no tea tree products with me at all. So, since I was in a pinch and short on cash, I decided to turn into Superdrug and just grab a couple of their really cheap products to try and clear up y skin a bit. The two items I picked up where both Superdrug own brand, one was their tee tree oil (pretty standard, not as concentrated as the body shop one, but not bad for the price) and the tea tree exfoliator. I have never used a tee tree exfoliator before. Normally I stick to face wash and oil as I know that they work for my skin (not that I get breakouts very often anymore), but I decided to give this a go, so I thought that I would share m thoughts on it with you.

Considering that this was only about £3, I am pretty impressed by it. within one use I could see a noticeable difference on my break out. The exfoliating element really got in there and helped to clear my skin, while the tea tree side of it really helped to sooth and treat the breakout. I really liked it. I was very pleased with how well it dealt with the break out, I will defiantly be keeping a little tube of this in my travel bag from now on.

But what I liked most about the product was the way that it felt. It felt so cool and clean and fresh on my skin. It had the same feeling as when you have just used really minty mouth wash, or that real source shower gel that makes you all tingly. It felt like that. it was a very strange sensation, but also really nice. It really felt as if it was actually doing something

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this product. Especially considering its price. It did the job, dealt with my break out, felt really nice on my skin. Everything that I could ask for. I do still prefer the Body Shops tea tree range as it is definitely more highly concentrated, but I did really like this. Have you tried this one before? What is your go too breakout product? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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