Book Review: Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall

Hey Guys!

Its book review time! And today it is for a new read. Thank you all for not minding my throwback review yesterday. Anyway, todays review is for Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall. Let’s do this!


I really enjoyed this book. It was just such a fluffy little read. exactly what I needed at the moment. I read this in one sitting and found myself smiling at it the whole way through. It was just such a sweet little read. I had forgotten how easy Hall’s books are to read.

I loved the relationship in this book. It was just so fluffy and cute. Kyle and Gideon are just so freaking adorable together. I loved them. it was so nice watching their relationship change and develop. And I loved the fact that you saw them have the awkwardness that comes from moving from friends to more. You don’t often get that in books. That transition is usually shown as being instant and completely awkwardness free, but in retail that is rarely the case and so it was very nice to see it in this book.

I did also like the fact that, even though this book was only 200 odd pages long, it did explore not only a gay relationship, but a bisexual in a gay relationship and also someone exploring their sexuality and accepting it. it was nice to see this and it added an element to the story. It stopped it from being just a bog standard romance story.

I will admit this though; I do think that more could have been done with certain elements of the story. For instance, one of the characters clearly has a form of anxiety, but it isn’t really explored in the book, which is a shame. I really wish that it had been. It would have just added so much more to this story. And I have never read a book which has both LGBTQA+ representation AND mental health representation in it. I just wish Hall had explored that more. The same with the dyslexia storyline and the poverty one. I felt like they were both just skimmed over and where just there for the sake of it.

But overall, this book was exactly what I was expecting it to be. A really cute, fluffy romance that left me smiling. And I did enjoy it.

star 44 out of 5

And there we have it. have you read this book? What did you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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