Changes In 2018

Hey Guys!

In a few days this year will be over so I thought that now is the perfect time to make a little chatty post telling you all about a few changes that will be happening to Escape From Reality in 2018. Don’t worry, this isn’t anything major, but it thought that I should give you a little heads up.

The biggest change is going to be my upload days. So at the moment I upload on Monday and Wednesday and then post book review on Saturday and Sunday. I haven’t been happy with this for a while as it means that I am posting three days in a row and then later have a three-day gap between posts. So in the new year I am going to change my posting days to Tuesday and Thursday and keep book reviews on Saturdays and Sundays. This will make my posts more evenly spread out over the week and I just think will be better.

The other major change is going to be first impressions posts. For the last year I have been doing two FI posts a month, in 2018 that is going to be going back down to just one a month. This way I can make a wider variety of posts. For the last few months I have struggled to find 2 new products that I want to try each month, so we are going down to one.

But besides that, everything else is staying the same. I will still do monthly favourites, there will still be a Top Reads post each month, seasonal posts, hauls, and so on. I will also say that over the course of 2017 this blog has become a lot more book orientated, and that is going to stay the same as well. I hope that you don’t mind these changes, they are making me feel happier and more comfortable.

So that is my little update. If you have any questions or any posts that you would like to see, please, let me know and I will see what I can do J. I hope that you have enjoyed this little post and I will see you all again very soon.


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