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Bookish Gift Guide

Hey Guys!

Welcome to day 15! We are down to the last 10 days. Since we are getting so close to Christmas now, I thought that I would do a little gift guide sort of post. Specifically, for bookish gifts that any book lover will adore. So, here are a few of my favourite ideas for all my fellow book sluts out there. Let’s go.


You can never have to many bookmarks. Personally I tend to mainly use postcards as bookmarks, but I do love to collect bookish inspired bookmarks. Here are a few of my favourite stores to them from.

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Happy Hello – Etsy

If you are after bookish bookmarks, this is the store for you. There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from, and more are always being added. These ones are magnetic characters’ bookmarks and are freaking adorable. There are designs inspired by books, films and tv shows, but the book ones are my favourites. There is are bookmarks inspired by everything from Six Of Crows to A Darker Shade Of Magic to Lockwood & Co. the sets range from £3 to about £9, most ranging at about £6.

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Fiction Tea Designs  – Etsy

I have only recently discovered this store and am yet to order any, but I think that these are beautiful. These bookmarks are standard size plain card ones. each design is inspired by a book. There is a quote on each from the book it inspired, some with designs on them. I particularly love the Shadowhunter ones and the A Court Of Thorns And Roses ones. They are all £3 or £4 and I am really excited to order some.

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DesignsByTheia – Etsy

Again, I have yet to buy some of these but my god are they beautiful. Again these are magnetic character bookmarks, with art by Silketara (on insta). There are designs inspired by Lunar Chronical, Potter, Strange The Dreamer, TOG, ACOTAR, Shades Of Magic, Six Of Crows and more. these ones are a little bit pricier, they range from £4 to about £15, but the £15 ones do contain 8-10 characters. I am so excited to order some of these, they are so beautiful, any book love will love them.

Book Sleeves/Pouches

These are the perfect accessories for any book lover, particularly if they carry around a book with them at all times. These things help to keep your book safe, protected and keeps them from damage.

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Lyra And Co – Etsy

These are beautiful, one off book pouches. Each one is unique. They are £12 each and any book lover will absolutely adore these. Each one is a really pretty print and can fit any standard size paperback book (or an iPad mini). These are brilliant for keeping your books safe.

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Society 6

I am including this as just a general one, but I would specifically recommend Evie Seo or Bookworm Boutique for bookish pouch designs, although you can get any design on Society 6 printed on a pouch. These pouches are available in three different size options, the large would fit a hardback. They have a zip at the top for added security and boosts a cotton interior, canvas exterior. They start at £15.


You can never go wrong with an art print. Everyone loves one. And there is some really amazing artwork out there. Again, I am just going to suggest heading over to either Society 6 or Redbubble. Both have thousands of incredibly beautiful designs that can be printed in a variety of different sizes. It all just depends on your taste or what you are looking for. Etsy is another good place to look. Also, if you are after bookish mugs, again, Society 6 or Redbubble are the best paces.


These are all the little shops full of random bookish goodies that you need to check out. there is everything from Jewellery to stickers available online, if you look in the right places. Here are a few of my favourite.


Book Of Shadows Studio – Etsy

This is a really sweet Etsy artist who makes stunning book themed cut-out silhouettes. I personally own around 11 of her designs and I can honestly say that they are amazing. Brilliant quality and so beautiful. Plus, the seller is so sweet. Each design is around £3.50 to £10. These are brilliant for a book lover. The Shade Of Magic themed ones are particularly beautiful.

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Just1MoreChapter – Etsy

This is a really sweet store that makes necklaces, keyrings, earrings and magnets. Each one is a miniature version of a book. These are so cute and could make the perfect little gift. They are all around £4 and so cute. They have everything from The Night Circus to Dorian Gray to Mortal Instruments. These are well worth a look

And there we have it. those are just a few of my favourite bookish stores. I haven’t included any bookish candles on this list, purely because I haven’t really tested any. But if you have any recommendations for some I would love to hear about them. what are your favourite bookish shops? Any that I should check out? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again tomorrow.


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