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Hey Guys!

Can you believe that we are a whole week into Blogmas already? Because I can’t! anyway, today I am kicking off my Christmas edition, seasonal posts. If you have no idea what I am referring to with that, basically each season I make a series of four posts, each one regarging a certain topic within that season, for instance, summer reads, winter nails ect ect. well, at Christmas I also do a Christmas version of these posts. So today I am kicking these posts off with my Christmas Candles posts. Let’s do this.


By this point, you all probarbly know I am a massive scented candle fan. I am also a massive Christmas fan. Put the two together and you’ve got my happy place lol. I love chrstimasy scented candles. Generally speaking I prefer richer, spicer scents at Christmas. But I also burn quite a few sweet scents. For me, when it comes to scented candles at Christmas, I will burn anything, as long as it makes me think of Christmas. So, here are the candles that I have been burning so far this Christmas season.

Yankee Candle

Crandbury Chuctney

Christmas Memories

Flamingo Candles


Cinnamon Bun

And that is about it this year. I haven’t really been burning much. And all of the scents that I have been burning are old favourites. Christmas Memories has been my go to Christmas scent for years. There is just something about it that instantly puts me into the Christmas spirit. It is a really rich and spicy scent and just screams Christmas. I freaking love it. my other old favourite is Crandberyy Bhutney. This is actually a retired scent. It was a standarad range candle, but I always used to burn it at Christmas, until they retired it that is. But earlier this year I was sorting out my candles and found a couple of jars of it and so I have been burning it a little bit recently, falling in love with it all over again. I think because I grew up with this scent at Christmas, it is just Christmas to me. I love it.


The other two scents that I have been burning are both from Flamingo Candles and again, they are both last years scents (although I think gingerbread is back again this year). Last year I completely fell in love with both Gingerbread and Cinnamon Bun scents and brought loads of them. I have been burning both of them throughout the year and have continued back into the Christmas period. Both scents smell exactly as you would imagine. Both spicy but also sweet. I love them both.

And that is literally it. I am not really in the Christmas spirt this year. If you saw my Blogmas anouncment post or follow my Instagram, you will understand why, but I have been slowly trying to make myself feel a little bit more festive. I may pop into town this week and see about picking up some new Christmas scents. What have you been burning? Have you got a go to Christmas scent like me? I would love to know. Also for anyone interested I buy all of my candles from Candle Scentral. They are a little independent store that stock Yankee Candles, Prices Candles, Flamingo Candles and another couple of brands. They are the same price as buying direct from Yankee and so on but they are completely independent. They have a little shop in Sussex and have the friendliest, most helpful staff. Do check them out, they have website that you can order from and they offer free delivery with any order over £35. ( I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again tomorrow for another Blogmas post.


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