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First Impressions: The Body Shop, Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream

Hey Guys!

As you probably all know by now is that I love The Body Shop and their hand creams are the best. They are basically the only brand of hand cream that I use. I love them. well recently they announced that they were releasing an autumn/Halloween scent and that, among other products, it was being released in a hand cream. So naturally, I had to get it. so I thought that I would do a little first impressions post about them. so, let’s do this.


Since I have spoken about these particular hand creams several times in the past, I am not going to talk too much about the properties of the product. I am going to focus mainly on this particular scent. All you need to know about the product in general is that it is brilliant. These hand cream are incredibly moisturising, the absorb really quickly, leave your hands super soft and not at all sticky, they are brilliant value for money and last ages. Basically, if you haven’t tried them, you should. I highly recommend the Shea Butter one. It has the most neutral smell and is my favourite for day to day. They’re brilliant.

But back to the scent. So the new limited edition autumn/Halloween scent is Vanilla Pumpkin. I love pumpkin scented things. I have several pumpkin candles; I just love it. I think it is the perfect autumn scent. So naturally, I was very excited that these two things where colliding. Unfortunately, I was left a bit disappointed. The scent is far more vanilla based with just very subtle hints of pumpkin. I kind of assumed it was going to be the other way around. But no. the primary scent is vanilla. That being said, it is a nice scent, just not what I was expecting. As I said it is basically a vanilla scent with undertones of pumpkin and spice. But it is nice. It is very sweet though. I don’t think I could use this repeatedly throughout the day, it would get a bit cloying. But it is nice and it is autumnal.

It also smells for a long time. This is one of the reasons why I love The Body Shops products. They not only smell amazing, but the smell doesn’t instantly disappear. This this hand cream I can still smell it on my hands about 2 hours after applying it. obviously the scent becomes a lot subtler after it has been on your skin for a bit, but you can still smell it. I love this about it.

Overall I am glad that I went and picked up a tube of this. It is a really nice scent, not what I was expecting, but nice. It is a shame that it is a limited edition scent though. maybe next year they will do something more pumpkin-y. have you tried this scent yet? What did you think about it? I hoped that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again soon.


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