Autumn Nails

Hey Guys!

By now I am sure that you are all aware of my seasonal posts. If you aren’t, basically, each season I make a series of posts regarding certain topics within that season. So for instance, summer candles, winter reads, spring photography and so on. Today I am doing my autumn nails. So, I will be talking about all the nail varnishes that I have been wearing and loving so far this autumn. So, without further ado, let’s do this.img_4441

Generally speaking, Autumn is my favourite season. I love it. And one of the reasons why I love it so much is because of the colours. I love the return of the darker, richer colours. I love the blacks and the greens and the oranges and the burgundies and just all of it. this means that autumn is my favourite time of the year to paint my nails. I love having darker shades on my nails and this time of year I change my nail varnish every couple of days, just making the most of being able to wear these colours again. This season is honestly the one that I am most likely to actually wear seasonal colours constantly. So naturally, there are a lot of shades that I am loving.

You probably know by now that there are certain nail varnish brands that I prefer over others. My all-time favourite nail varnish brand is Barry M, so generally speaking they are the brand that I wear most often. So naturally, there are a lot of shades by them that I have been wearing lately. With Barry M I don’t tend to wear many of their standard shades, I tend to go for their Gelly shades and their different finish ones. So, before I waffle further, here are the shades that I have been wearing by them recently. Starting with the Gelly shades. The first gelly shade that I have been wearing recently is Blackberry. This is a really deep, rich blue colour. It is nearly navy, but slightly brighter. I tend to find myself reaching for it during that summer to autumn transition period. It is perfect for that time of year. I love this colour. The next shade that I have been loving is an old favourite and that is Mustard. This is, as the title suggests, a mustard yellow colour. Although with this one, it kind of oxides with the air when you are wearing it and each day that you have it on, the more orange it becomes. Personally I prefer it when it is more yellow, but it is still nice when it is more orange. It is a very autumn colour. The next shade is Chilli. This is a very dark red colour. It is very nearly burgundy, just slightly reder. I love this shade. I have had it for a couple of years but it is only recently that I have started to really like it. the final Gelly shade that I have been wearing a lot is Gingerbread. This was a limited edition, Superdrug exclusive from last Christmas. Personally, I think it is the perfect autumn colour. It is a very gingery brown shade, almost bronze, but it is sparkly and bit metallic. It just screams autumn to me, I love it.


There are four other shades with different finished from Barry M that I have been wearing a lot and loving. The first two are matte shades. The colours in question are Espresso and Crush. Espresso is just a basic matte black. And Crush is a matte berry colour. It is a deep red, really beautiful and just perfect. My only complaint about Barry M’s matte shades is that they don’t last. The matte wears off in a couple of days, for me it isn’t too big of a deal since I change my nail varnish every 2-4 days anyway, but it can be annoying. The next shade that I have been wearing is one that has been featured in a few of these posts now and that is the shade Earl Grey from the Frosted Cupcake range. This is a very pale grey colour but it is kind of glittery. It actually looks speckled, which is why I love it. I am really hopping that they release more shades in this range soon. The final Barry M shade is Black Diamond which is from the molten Metals range. It is a simple metallic black and I just love it. I love black nail varnish in general, but I really love this one.

The next brand that I have been loving is Tanya Burr Cosmetics. I love this brand, but recently there is only one colour that I have been reaching for recently and that is the shade New York Night. This is a really deep purple that is almost black. It is beautiful. I have had it for a couple of years now and I freaking love it. it is amazing. The perfect autumn shade.

img_4398I have also been wearing a few Rimmel London shades. Next to Barry M, this is my favourite brand. The first shade by them that I have been wearing a lot is not going to be a surprise to any of you, its Black Out. this is, as the name suggest, black. A bog standard, simple, basic, black. My all-time favourite nail colour. In autumn at least I don’t feel guilty about wearing it lol. The next shade is Mr Grey. This is from the limited edition Fifty Shades Of Grey range but it is just such a perfect grey colour. It is not to dark, not to light, just the right shade. It is rich and just beautiful. I love it.

The final shade that I have been wearing is Khaki Green by Seventeen. I love khaki and I am always on the lookout for the perfect khaki nail varnish. This is currently the best that I have found so far. It is a deep, grey based khaki colour. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the wear. After about 24 hours it gets a horrible finish to it. it goes semi matte, cracks and just isn’t nice. But, as long as I change it really regularly, it is alight.

And there we have it, those are all the shades that I have been reaching for recently. Yes, there are quite a lot here, but as I said at the start, I do tend to change my nail varnish every few days. I get really bored of it really quickly and have to change it, plus I chip my nail varnish really easily at work. And every time I re paint them, I change colour. I just can’t get enough of autumn colours. I would love to know what shades you are loving at the moment. Are there any brands that you think I should check out? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon


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