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Hey Guys!

I haven’t done a collective haul (or any haul except books) in ages and I don’t know why, because it isn’t as if I have stopped buying things. So today I thought I would do a collective haul of all the, at least mildly, interesting things that I have brought myself over the last couple of months. So let’s do this.

So first off, I have recently decorated my bedroom so I have brought myself a few little bits for my room. From Amazon I ordered a new bin. It is just a simple silver mesh one, my old one was falling apart. It was about £3.47 and does what it says on the tin. I also ordered a new laundry basket, of sorts. So I did have a proper standing, wicker basket and I never used it. nothing ever went in the basket, crap just got piled on top of it and it took up a lot of room so I have replaced with a little collapsible storage bin thing which ties shut. And so far, it works and I really like it. makes my room feel a lot bigger. And that was only £7.99.


Also for my bedroom I got a new photo frame from Wilko. I have a photo that I love of myself teaching a family friends daughter to ice stake and it sits on my windowsill. It was in a wooden frame but it didn’t really look right with my new room so I replaced it the same design frame (simple block edge on) but in a slate grey colour and I love it. it is a 10 by 8 and it was £5.99. I did then also pick up another frame from this range, but in a 16 by 8 size for £5.

Again for my room I picked up a new lampshade. I have just had a bare bulb (yuck) in my room for about two years now (I took my old lampshade down one Christmas to put up a 3D Christmas star one I have and my old one complete disintegrated and I never got around to replacing it) but I have finally brought a new one. It is a flint grey one from Argos, it’s from the same range as my blind so it matches it perfectly. It is just a really really simple cylinder one but it looks pretty. It was about £5 I believe. Also from the same range I picked up a little desk lamp. It was on sale for £3 (fucking bargain) and is the same colour as the shade, and is just a really bog standard little lamp. I really like and think it looks really cute.


Now onto slightly more interesting things. I have ordered several things from Etsy. The first is a did 2 Happy Hello bookmark orders. I got myself the Lockwood & Co ones and the Infernal Devices one. And then a couple of weeks later I ordered the A Darker Shade Of Magic set, The Night Circus set and two quiditch players, a Gryffindor and a Slytherin (which are Draco and Harry). They all vary in price from £2 to about £7 but I love them all. If you want cute bookmarks, look at these. The other order was from BookOfShadowsStudio. She does these stunning cut out, character silhouettes. They are beautiful. She is very new so doesn’t have many available yet but I ordered Kell and Lila from the A Darker Shade Of Magic Trilogy (I am obsessed with those books atm) and oh my god, they are so beautiful. I love them. They were about £2.50 each and I am 100% going to order the rest of the gang. I have also brought myself (in two more orders) Rhy, Alucard and a Infernal Devices themed Clockwork Angel. Plus I also now own Holland.

Next I ordered a few items from New Look. They had a massive summer sale on so while on the website looking for a specific item (that I couldn’t find) I decided to check out the sale page and actually ended up ordering a few items. First I ordered a dark grey tank top. It is ripped and kind of distressed looking. I ordered a size up in it so it is oversized and really comfy. Looks perfect with some black skinny jeans. It was reduced to £2 from £9.99. next was another tank. This time white and really simple. Quite high neck and boxy. Again, I size up so it is oversized. And again it was £2, this time instead of £4. Then I ordered a black ‘Slayer’ band t-shirt. it is a boyfriend shirt so it is oversized but again, looks really nice with jeans. This one was £5 instead of £14.99. next I ordered some underwear. I ordered a bralet and brief set. I am only really interested in the bralet. But they are mint green, lacey and just really sweet. And that was £5 instead of £9.99. finally, I ordered a sweatshirt. This is a khaki colour and it has rolled sleeves and like semi batwings. It is quite short (not cropped) and I just think it will look really nice with high waisted jeans in the autumn. This was £5 instead of £14.99. as you can see I got quite a lot for just £20.


Then I did a Superdrug order. I only got a few things, mostly essentials like shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste, but I also treated myself to one of the items from the new, Jelly and Gelato, range from Zoella Beauty. I got myself the body Spritz in the scent. Generally speaking, I really like this brand and I use the body spritz a lot, which is why I chose this item. I’m not the biggest fan of this scent (it kind of smells like Turkish delight) but I have been wearing it and I like it. I had a promo code at the time and points to spend, so it only cost me £4.

Finally, I brought myself my 21st birthday present from my Grandmother. Basically she gave me money for my birthday with a note saying that she wanted me to but myself a piece of jewellery, something that I will love, but wanted me to choose it, because I know what I like, she doesn’t. which is a very sweet way of doing it. so I spent over a month looking around (I was in no hurry, I wanted to make sure I got somet4hing I love, not just something for the sake of it) and I finally found something. It is a tiny necklace from Tiny Silver. It is simply a tiny little silver star on very fine chain. I chose quiet a short length chain and I love it. it was around £30, with P&P and I love it. so beautiful. I haven’t taken it off since it arrived.

And that’s it. that is everything that I have brought over the last few months. What have you brought recently? I hope that you have enjoyed todays post and I will see you all again very soon.


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