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First Impressions: Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water

Hey Guys!

Today it is time for another first impressions post. This time it is the turn of another version of a product that, you all know, I love. Today it is another micellar water. This time it is another Garnier one. Although today it is the Oil Infused version, of the original that I love so very much. So, without further ado, lets do this shit!


Well, I have a new beauty must have. This stuff is incredible. It is the single best thing that I have ever used. It is honestly so good. Just one wipe of this stuff and all my make-up is gone. I can get all of my make up off with just two cotton pads. This stuff just lifts your make-up so easily. Usually, even with my normal, old favourite, micellar water, I still had to kind of rub at my eyes to get my make-up off. On a day today basis I generally wear waterproof eye make-up which is kind of a bitch to get off. But with this stuff it is so easy. Literally just a couple of sweeps over my eyes and everything is gone.

This one also leaves my skin feeling really soft. I was worried the first time I used this because I had a minor break out the next day, but it hasn’t happened since so I am not sure if it is to do with this or if it was just a coincidence. But for the most part it leaves my skin feeling really nice and really soft. Why am I never expecting products to leave my skin feeling nice? Lol.

I love this stuff so much. The only thing that I am not 100% sure about in regards to it is how quickly it separates back out. If you don’t know, this micellar water you have to shake before you use it to get the oil and water to combine (obviously they separate, because, science (super sarcastic then, sorry lol)). But once you stand it up again, they separate out really quickly. This means that I have to shake it between each cotton pad, which is kind of annoying. Especially as I have forgotten to do this before. I know this is a little bit petty, but it does kind of annoy me.

But apart from that little issue, I love everything else about it. It is such a good product and such good value for money. I absolutely adore this stuff and it is defo a must have product for me now. Have you tried this one yet? What do you think about it? I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all again soon.


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